Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 bucks, 5 friends=full grant for celine!

This is a idea i took from another organization that did this. If you donate $5 & get 5 friends to do the same & so forth we could have a full grant for Celine! Please spread the word about my fundraisers for Celine! Every little bit helps to find Celine a family!


Sara Beamish said...

I wish you good luck with your fundraising. This super sweet and adorable little girl should SO be home with a Mummy & Daddy. Here's my $5 for her.

I hope this brings in good results. I'm doing this on my blog, as The Miracle of 2 - $2 and 2 people, and I haven't had very good results so far:(

Sara Beamish said...

You should add a chip in on your blog...it may help:)

Leah said...

thanks sara!