Saturday, April 30, 2011

Challenge for Cora Lynnes birthday month

For a 5 yr old, its always a exciting birthday. But, for Cora Lynne it won't be that way, she could be at risk of being transfered. No one to hold her, no presents, no cake, no balloons. In Honor of Cora Lynnes birthday month, I am challenging myself to blog about her for 31 days & to help find her forever family! Now what can you do to help? Starting tomorrow I ask that you share my blog and/or Cora Lynnes reeces rainbow page with 10 people & challenge your friends to do the same! In the facebook group I want to challenge all who are on facebook to like For the Love of Celine & Cora Lynne. If you want to donate something for a possible giveaway for BOTH GIRLS & 2 Reeces Rainbow families let me know! The Miller family is traveling soon & I would so love to bless them in this way as well as the "girls" & another family.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Future Family Friday!

Today I have decided to focus on several families who I have followed & are praying for that are close to traveling,
First up is the Miller family adopting Quinton. Quinton is the one I have mentioned constantly since I was his prayer/christmas warrior & was the 1st child I fell for on Reeces Rainbow.
see this guy?

Is he not adorable? His mom & dad might be traveling in 6 weeks or less to meet him! I still have that gorgeous puzzle to fill up with names so if you donate to the Millers fsp page please let me know so I can place your name on this treasure he will have for years to come reminding him of all the people who brought him home.

Next up is the Mickschl family, adopting the adorable Lydiah! This family, is local to where I live. Not too Long ago they brought home John David ("Liam" as known on reeces rainbow) & while there fell in love with Lydiah so they decided to go back for her! Right now they are stuck waiting hoping they can travel to get her before that country shuts down for 3 months. Please pray for them! Check out their giveaway here-
& if you live in the Elk Grove, CA area they are doing a fundraiser at chickfila! check out their blog for more info!

Last but not least is this family, the devowes who are adopting Gage

This family also did the same as the Mickschl family. They adopted precious Madeline(beautiful girl with the blue dress & white stockings), then once home decided that Gage is meant to be apart of their family! Right now they are waiting on their SDA appointment which means they would travel soon! Please pray they will get that soon! If you can please consider donating to his fsp page here:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Inspirations

I would like to say a few things about the people who continue to inspire me. I sure have plenty I could name but the 3 main people who have inspired me so much into advocating for Reeces Rainbow are the following:
My sister Sarah has been my main inspiration. She is 23 yrs old, & loves to dance! She continues to amaze me in everyway! We may have our struggles & fights but I still love her. If God had not blessed her with that extra chromosome I would not be the person I am today.

My Grandma, "Mamaw"
She is so generous to people & is why I love to help others myself. I love my Grandma so much & hope to share with my future children the lessons she has taught me.

My Parents-Again so kind & helping others. My Parents are such amazing people, trying to help others. Being paitent when it may not be easy to deal with certain people they are helping. I Love you Mom & Dad, thanks for being such great examples of showing Gods Love when it may not be easy! You continue to inspire me in many ways!

5/5/5 warrior for Celine!

From May 1 – July 31, 2011, our 5/5/5 Warrior Project will bring greater awareness and grant funds to all of our 5-year old children, to include those with Down syndrome and our Other Angels.

*********Instead of preparing for kindergarten like they should be, these little ones are hidden away and facing life-long suffering in adult mental institutions around the world.

Your donations and advocacy efforts truly can bring every one of these children HOME into loving forever families. They should never have to step foot into a mental institution. Money is the only thing standing in the way. They deserve friends, a family, and a future. Help us raise $5000 or more for each of our 5 year olds to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!

Funds raised during this special warrior project will be HELD for your child until January of 2012, without risk of it being reallocated to the older child pages. This is a great opportunity to help these kids and make sure your efforts go for them to find a family.

Please help me figure out ideas to fundraise! Celines grant is already at $4,310.50 but if I raised $5,000 thats $9,310.50 towards her finding her forever family!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Vika needs to come home!
Vika is almost home, only thing that stands in the way is funds. Please check out the giveaway for vika!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nothings Impossible with God!

Its hard to put into words quite what these kids go through. I am not a super good writer/blogger as I just never know what to say. I know people are reading from all over even though they may not comment on any given day. It encourages me to see that people do care about Celine & Cora Lynne. I will not give up the fight to find them families! Day after day I have seen various miracles that God has provided, Carrington going home, Evan Hook finally being with her forever family, & many more Reeces Rainbow kids finding their forever families! Will you join me in search of Celine & Cora Lynnes forever families?? They are AT RISK of being put in a adult mental institution possibly the rest of their days. I would hate to see any 4 or 5 yr old be put there for the rest of their lives living in a crib or room. PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU to help find their forever families. It would make me so HAPPY for them to find families! All of my personal favorite Reeces Rainbow kids have committed families coming for them, now where are their forever families?? I am praying for the families that God has planned for these girls. Please Lord, as you guide them to these girls show them the courage & strength that you can provide. Protect Celine & Cora Lynne from facing being transferred. Let me be a blessing & help to these girls & their future families through fundraising & prayer. I am starting this challenge early just cause I am ready for both of them to find their forever families! In Honor of Cora Lynnes 5th birthday in May, I will be posting every day, advocating, & possibly fundraising for her birthday starting May 1st. Today I want to start a challenge, I started a facebook group for the girls here!/pages/For-the-love-of-Celine-Cora-Lynne/195132487189928
If your on facebook join the group & spread the word! My current goal is to get 100 likes! I wish I had a prize to giveaway at this time but I do not so if you can please spread the word, it does not cost a thing & it gets them closer to finding families! Facebook is a wonderful way for these kids to find their families! Also currently their are 18 followers on my blog so I challenge you to each invite 10 friends to look at my blog & follow if they would! If you are not following then why not follow lol? Like I said the more people who know about their blog & group the more likely of them finding families! Thanks so much!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cora Lynne will turn 5 in May!

Since it does not say in her profile when her exact birthday date is, I am thinking of doing a challenge for her birthday month which is May. So anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of a advocating/pray for the whole month challenge & I would blog for 31 days in honor of her birthday? She will be 5 yrs old & with her profile picture not being that great I want her to find a family. I am praying neither of these girls have been or will be transfered. It happened for Diana from Reeces Rainbow so hoping this will bring awareness of Cora Lynne. PUSH-Pray until something happens!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just wondering

Wondering when these girls will get a chance at a family? Wondering if they are safe & warm? Wondering who their families are? Wondering if they are laughing or are happy? Wondering how I can help them? Just wondering when I will get to say they have their forever families? Please help me not to wonder by spreading the word about the blog, the girls, & the new facebook page For the Love of Celine & Cora Lynne! Thanks, Keep praying their forever families find them soon! If interested in helping me fundraise in the near future leave a comment!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good News!

The Miller family has only $10,300 left to raise to adopt Quinton! They will likely be traveling in 2 months so June might be the latest they would travel to get Quinton. I have had this family on my heart since Quinton was my original christmas warrior & I had fundraised for him before his family commited to him. I would like to do some sort of fundraiser that will include the miller family, as I want to raise the remaining funds to bring him home! Anyone want to help or know of something easy yet simple I can do? I thought about doing a crafty fundraiser. If you would like to donate to the Millers grant click on the right box for them which will go straight to their grant. The boxes are updated hourly so please don't be alarmed if they don't show the right amount. LETS HELP BRING HIM HOME!!!

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, their was a lovely princess. She was born on a bright sunny day but for her mom it was a gloomy day, for she decided not to keep you. For you see you born with an extra gift, & mommy could not care for you for that extra gift that you were born with. Then they took you to a place where you could be loved & cared for. For 5 yrs you have wondered will Mommy come back for me? You have likely seen other kids being taken out to go on a car ride thinking they might be getting a mommy & daddy, but thus they are being taken to a place that you would not want to live in. Then you have probably seen strangers come into your home, wondering why don't they play with me or pick me up? Those are parents coming to adopt from your home. Your probably thinking when will it be my turn?? When will someone give me a hug? When will I get to go outside this building? You see this Princess has yet to find her family & a happy ending. She is 5 years old & I would hate to see this smile on this little princess disappear.

Think you may be Celines forever family? check out these links to information about adopting her:
PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD SO THAT SHE CAN FIND HER FOREVER FAMILY!! Check out the girls new fan page I created on facebook!/pages/For-the-love-of-Celine-Cora-Lynne/195132487189928

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lauren has her forever family!

Lauren has her forever family, now I challenge you to help find Celine & Cora Lynnes forever families! Please share my blog via fb, blogs,twitter,etc.! Thanks to Joanna for the updated blog look! Does it not look lovely for these sweet girls? I hope by the end of this year to change my blog title helping to bring Celine & Cora Lynne Home! I am still planning on including Lauren in one of my fundraisers. SO I ASK, BEG, PLEAD WITH YOU TO SPREAD THE WORD!!! These princesses need families & are AT RISK OF BEING TRANSFERED TO AN INSTITUTION! Celine is 5 yrs old & who knows if she has been transfered yet or not, praying she has not. Cora Lynne will be 5 next month, I would love to see her have a family by the end of may! It does not say her birthdate on her profile. PLEASE I WILL DO ALMOST ANYTHING FOR THE LOVE OF THESE SWEET GIRLS! If I were old enough & lived in my own place I could adopt Cora Lynne (don't think i could adopt Celine as a single) but since I can't I am doing everything possible to find them families until the day when I can adopt myself.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Precious eyes

See her precious eyes? Glaring at you, wondering where is her Mommy? Frown looking like when will I see my family?

She looks healthy so why has she not been snatched up so fast? Because she has HIV. It's amazing how far medicine has come since the 80s - and how NORMAL of a life these children (and their forever families) can have because of the medicine. Project Hopeful, HIV to Home, Positively Orphaned - all great organizations that have valuable information for people considering HIV+ adoption.
Mommy & Daddy will you not come for me??
Lauren is such a doll & would make a great addition to a family! I have an friend who will be there in a couple months adopting her son & said she will do her best to get an updated picture & more information about Lauren. I have a support network of friends who have fallen in love with Lauren & want to help her find a family.
Contact Andrea at Reeces Rainbow if your interested in Lauren. If you can't adopt at this time consider donating so that her forever family can bring her home! I have a donation box to the right that goes directly to her grant.

Donation Boxes are back!!!

As you can see the boxes are now fixed & ready to go. Once I get the codes to add the girls donation boxes I will put them on here. Please if you can consider donating to the Miller family who are adopting Quinton! Just look at the puzzle fundraiser to see the lovely puzzle they will get filled with names who have donated! Please leave a comment if you donate $5 or more so I can put your name on a puzzle piece. Quintons family has $12,641.00 still to raise! Please help bring Quinton home!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tough luck

Before I get into this post I would like to thank sarah for hosting the fundraiser for these girls! I just recieved the pendant necklace & they are lovely! Even though it was not as a huge success as I would have liked I still raised $10 towards these girls finding their forever families! I am kinda discouraged as I really want to do some more fundraisers but am not having much success. 2 additional girls, Lauren & Nana are tugging at my Heart but I feel I can't help them much until I get Celine & Cora Lynne fully funded sigh. Why does fundraising have to be so hard for me? I am trusting that God will provide somehow but still I feel I could do so much more for these girls. Its hard as both of them are At risk of transfer, & who knows if Celine might have already been transfered. I really want them to find families but all the girls I have mentioned are heavy on my mind to find them families & fundraise for but simply I have to leave it up to God. He knows who wants to adopt them & is working on their hearts. If you have a clue to make the blog look better to try to attract more followers or if you can pass my blog along that would be great! The more people you pass this along to, the greater chance these girls have at finding a family! Please pray I can find a way to help these girls & other orphans like them!

$171 for the Millers & Quinton!

Thanks to friends who gave birthday "gifts", recycles, change campaign, & items sold at jbf sale so far we have raised $171 for Quinton! Still hoping to do some more fundraisers soon! I am so pleased & can't wait for Quinton to be home with his family!