Friday, April 29, 2011

Future Family Friday!

Today I have decided to focus on several families who I have followed & are praying for that are close to traveling,
First up is the Miller family adopting Quinton. Quinton is the one I have mentioned constantly since I was his prayer/christmas warrior & was the 1st child I fell for on Reeces Rainbow.
see this guy?

Is he not adorable? His mom & dad might be traveling in 6 weeks or less to meet him! I still have that gorgeous puzzle to fill up with names so if you donate to the Millers fsp page please let me know so I can place your name on this treasure he will have for years to come reminding him of all the people who brought him home.

Next up is the Mickschl family, adopting the adorable Lydiah! This family, is local to where I live. Not too Long ago they brought home John David ("Liam" as known on reeces rainbow) & while there fell in love with Lydiah so they decided to go back for her! Right now they are stuck waiting hoping they can travel to get her before that country shuts down for 3 months. Please pray for them! Check out their giveaway here-
& if you live in the Elk Grove, CA area they are doing a fundraiser at chickfila! check out their blog for more info!

Last but not least is this family, the devowes who are adopting Gage

This family also did the same as the Mickschl family. They adopted precious Madeline(beautiful girl with the blue dress & white stockings), then once home decided that Gage is meant to be apart of their family! Right now they are waiting on their SDA appointment which means they would travel soon! Please pray they will get that soon! If you can please consider donating to his fsp page here:


Hansina said...

Thank you Leah! What a wonderful post for these families, including us! Can't wait to meet you next week!

Leah said...

thanks hansina! Can't wait to meet you either!

Beth said...

Hansina told me all about you yesterday at the lemonade stand. What an amazing young woman you are! Hopefully we'll get the chance to meet at Chick Fi A next week..

Leah said...

aww thanks Beth! Yeah that would be great! You have such a cutie!