Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lauren has her forever family!

Lauren has her forever family, now I challenge you to help find Celine & Cora Lynnes forever families! Please share my blog via fb, blogs,twitter,etc.! Thanks to Joanna for the updated blog look! Does it not look lovely for these sweet girls? I hope by the end of this year to change my blog title helping to bring Celine & Cora Lynne Home! I am still planning on including Lauren in one of my fundraisers. SO I ASK, BEG, PLEAD WITH YOU TO SPREAD THE WORD!!! These princesses need families & are AT RISK OF BEING TRANSFERED TO AN INSTITUTION! Celine is 5 yrs old & who knows if she has been transfered yet or not, praying she has not. Cora Lynne will be 5 next month, I would love to see her have a family by the end of may! It does not say her birthdate on her profile. PLEASE I WILL DO ALMOST ANYTHING FOR THE LOVE OF THESE SWEET GIRLS! If I were old enough & lived in my own place I could adopt Cora Lynne (don't think i could adopt Celine as a single) but since I can't I am doing everything possible to find them families until the day when I can adopt myself.


Stephanie said...

Your blog looks great! I am getting ready to add it to my page...if I can do it successfully...sometimes it is challenging for me!!!! But looks good!!!!

Stephanie Lynch

Christine said...

I hope they both get homes soon! I am surprised they haven't been claimed yet!

Leah said...

thanks stephanie & christine!