Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tough luck

Before I get into this post I would like to thank sarah for hosting the fundraiser for these girls! I just recieved the pendant necklace & they are lovely! Even though it was not as a huge success as I would have liked I still raised $10 towards these girls finding their forever families! I am kinda discouraged as I really want to do some more fundraisers but am not having much success. 2 additional girls, Lauren & Nana are tugging at my Heart but I feel I can't help them much until I get Celine & Cora Lynne fully funded sigh. Why does fundraising have to be so hard for me? I am trusting that God will provide somehow but still I feel I could do so much more for these girls. Its hard as both of them are At risk of transfer, & who knows if Celine might have already been transfered. I really want them to find families but all the girls I have mentioned are heavy on my mind to find them families & fundraise for but simply I have to leave it up to God. He knows who wants to adopt them & is working on their hearts. If you have a clue to make the blog look better to try to attract more followers or if you can pass my blog along that would be great! The more people you pass this along to, the greater chance these girls have at finding a family! Please pray I can find a way to help these girls & other orphans like them!


Chris and Sarah said...

I just shared your blog on Facebook :)

Leah said...

thanks sarah!

Joanna said...

Hi there, I might be able to help you with your blog! If your not picky that is. : )

let me know
goldie.and.2.bears (at) hotmail (dot) com


Leah said...

thanks Joanna! that would be awesome so I can attract more viewers as my blog is very boring looking. I am not too picky. I will email you.