Friday, March 30, 2012

Bows & Beautiful Things-DONATIONS WANTED

This is the request I put on Beautiful Brandi fb page
Also instead of a Giveaway to fundraise, I wanted to do a Auction that runs from April 6-13. But thing is since Brandi starts with B & girls love to wear pretty hairbows I want to make it a Bows & Beautiful things for Brandi Auction so if you or someone you know makes hairbows or some other girly item that little girls love to wear that they would like to donate send me an email at! I can advertise your website/facebook page for your business. Can't you see this beautiful butterfly thriving in a family? Her grant is at $10 can you help me so it can be over $1,000? Lets Make all the difference for Brandi!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I just wanted to say a HUGE PRAISE!! I surpassed the goal I set to raise at Just Between Friends Consignment Sale for Celine!! I am not sharing how much was raised as well as adding the change I have still from the change drive & the cash I saved/got for my birthday. I wanted to Leave it a surprise for the Team Celine crew so I will not be announcing the total til I see it reflected in her Reeces Rainbow account. I did better than the fall sales even with the loss of percentages for volunteering & I was encouraged by that even with the lack of item proceeds going to Celine. But I thought I would share some pictures of the craziness of the sale.
This is just to show some of how big it truely is!!! For those that don't know about Just Between Friends, its a big organized Kids consignment sale where moms can bring their kids outgrown & unwanted clothes,toys, books, & basically anything kid related! Or like me its a wonderful way to raise funds for charity! I have raised $1,000 even one time at one of the sales!! Since all my siblings are not really little anymore (though we do have some of our stuff that we take usually) but most of my items come from dear friends that save stuff for me since they don't have the time & they usually want to help my cause.

I started with about 118 items for the Celine & had over 300 items overall with most of that going to the pregnancy center I volunteer at towards items they need. This is what I came home with. I say it was a successful sale!!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rainbows & Love

As I sit on this rainy day, typing these words in a cozy house I know not everyone has that. Rainbows are a sign of hope & love that things will be better. Today, I share about a girl name Lililana who has waited & waited & waited. Things were looking pretty dim for her & now she has found her rainbow ending! But they need help to bring her home so she can get the HEART SURGERY SHE DESPERATELY NEEDS!! SHE HAS SURRVIVED OVER & OVER & HAS BROUGHT 2 OTHER ORPHANS HOME TO THEIR HAPPILY EVER AFTER, NOW ITS HER TURN!!! Check out the Love Multiplied Giveaway & I can't say her story any better than what is written there so go read it. Donate, Pray, Share so this girl can have her happy ending!!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I know I usually talk about orphans on this blog but I wanted to share whats on my heart after my Church's sermon this weekend. Forgiveness can be a hard thing to do, no matter if its forgiving yourself or someone else who has hurt you whether its physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I know too well the emotional pain, its hard to forgive but not forget the past.

Sometimes, you have the what ifs & wishing you could turn back the clock to discover the why? Why did they have to hurt me even if they never meant to? How can I forgive them for what they did to hurt me? I certainly learned more about forgiveness this weekend with the sermon & through October Baby. I know I can't change what happened & the feelings that happened but I do forgive that person(s). Its harder to not put blame on yourself & I am certainly trying to get past that. God truly forgives all wrongs & he wants you to forgive those people.

It may not always be that easy or quick, it may take years to fully forgive but you do heal. Anger is a normal feeling to feel, you may be angry that they hurt you & I have dealt with feeling angry at that person. Heck you may even want to delete them from your friends list on Facebook, But I do know the love of God & that he wants us to forgive that person who has hurt us. Twice I have forgotten about it but then it will come up again like this past weekend & it brought a new sense of peace & healing. I know it will likely still come up but I know I can run to the Creator & one true God in my times of struggles.

Thanks for letting me share about this topic, I have not felt very free to share with anyone about it but decided I needed to write a blogpost about it. Just reading this blogpost is making me heal. Jesus Loves you! He forgives you & he wants you to forgive.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hope, Faith, & Love

Thats what it took for my friend Julia over at Micah Six Eight, to start this Giveaway called Mulligan Stew. Hope, Faith, & Love came together for the love of orphans & these families going to rescue these kids. Hope thats what all of these kids deserve, the love of a family to willingly to go to rescue their kiddos. Faith that somehow all the funds will be provided. We all need a little bit of Hope, Faith, & Love right? So please check out my friends Giveaway cause their lifes matter!! Please don't forget you can still donate to Harmony in honor of Sarah if you would like & be entered in the Giveaway! She needs a family quickly before she turns 16 so please spread the word & keep her in your prayers!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day!

Yes I am a tad late but I was volunteering at the consignment sale all day which is to help fundraise for Celine. Some of who know me personally & others do not. I wanted to share with those just joining in or have read my blog before, why I CARE ABOUT SPECIAL NEEDS & ESPECIALLY THOSE WITH DOWN SYNDROME. For you see another reason I got into orphan advocacy is because of my sister, Sarah. I have written about her before but want to write about her again cause truely she continues to inspire me in this struggle to help other orphans. For some they may say is she a burden? You will have all this resonsiblity when your older? I say Never!! I never could imagine life without her! Somedays it may be rough, somedays may be good but I love her no matter what!! Life with a sibling with Down Syndrome is a life worth living!! You would not believe how many people she has inspired through her dancing. Last sunday, as she danced in her usual spot at church I could not help marvel how far she has come & how happy she is. For goodness sake the people at the shell station where she gets her fountain drink everyday smile at her & know her by name. Even if she does not talk to them (another long story) they still say hi & call her by name, smile, & wave to her. Same thing with the people at Panda Express, they have her order memorized & say hi to her everytime she goes in. Now thats something most people can't say because most won't remember your name or truely get to know you but they love her for WHO SHE IS NO MATTER THE CHROMOSOMES OR SOCIAL PHOBIA OR OTHER ISSUES MY SISTER MAY HAVE. Just like Christ loves us for who WE ARE! I am very proud of my sister, & am very blessed she was born here in america otherwise she would wind up in a Institution for the rest of her days. I just can't imagine that life & thats why I advocate for these kids. Cause they deserve to be loved too. Today in honor of my sister please go donate to Harmony cause she needs a family ASAP before she turns 16 in July or it will be too late for her to discover the Joy of life in a family. Also if you donate go to my friends Julias Giveaway to enter & please say you did it for Sarah! Every little bit helps even $5! If you can't donate please spread the word, & pray she finds her family before its too late.

Please watch this video some of my siblings & I put together a few months ago about our thoughts on Sarah. "Bring it on!" Matthew says it the best!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Introducing the Butterflies

For those that are new to this blog, I am going to introduce the reason of the blog name change & the butterflies I mostly advocate for & Pray for. When I first started this blog it was started for the most beautiful girl with a smile as big as the moon then later added another which Caring for Celine & Cora Lynne was born in 2010. Not too long ago I was thinking of redoing my blog when I decided I needed a new name to fit my new mission, to advocate for more than just Celine & Cora Lynne so it so fittingly changed to fit the blog revamp & new name. I thought about butterflies & what they mean to orphans. All the orphans I have featured on my blog past & future are just like butterflies sitting in their cocoons waiting to sprout their wings & fly. They likely lay down in cribs all day just waiting for someone to hold & love them. Like a butterfly they long to spread their wings to fly. So with out further ado here's the butterflies that I love & keep advocating for...
First up is Celine, her smile is what caught my heart. If I was older & married I would snatch her up in a heartbeat but since I can't I have done what I can to help by advocating, fundraising, & praying just like the rest of the butterflies. BEST NEWS IS SINCE I STARTED ADVOCATING FOR HER IN JUST THE PAST 2 YEARS HER GRANT HAS GROWN FROM ABOUT $1,000 TO OVER $8,000 IN HER GRANT. Her region is more expensive so every little bit adds up BIG TIME!!!
I hope she can fly her wings soon cause I know the potential she can be in a family!!

Our next butterfly is Cora Lynne. When she was added late into the Angel Tree 2010 campaign something about her eyes haunted me to help by becoming her Christmas warrior. I later decided I could not let her down by abandoning her so I decided to fund raise & advocate for her too. In a little more than a year her grant grew from $1,000 to over $4,000. I try to keep it balanced between these 2 girls with fundraising.

And yes, even if he is a boy he too is like a butterfly waiting for his wings to be spread wide open. Meet Heath, I fell for him through my friend Julia's blog posts about the lost boys as she met him while adopting her son Aaron. I had occasionally thought about him but God stirred my heart to help yet another lost & lonely orphan when I decided to do my 2ND Giveaway on this blog. I was not sure if I could do it but I so longed to help him be all that he could be with a family so I emailed Julia & told her about my thoughts to help him & as it turns out she had been thinking of him that day. So God stirred my heart & during that Giveaway Heaths grant grew from $630 to over $3,000. Now his grant is currently over $4,000 thankfully & is still growing with the help of the Mulligan Stew Giveaway.

So I signed up to be a prayer warrior for Alden, sadly he has no information & can't have a grant fund but still I wanted to pray continuously for a boy who needed a family.

Finally, Brandi a girl I loved when she was first listed on Reece's Rainbow. Sadly she had to get taken down due to her countrys new law with a special needs list which her needs were not on & she was under the age limit. I had not really been thinking about her much til my birthday last month while talking with a friend. The next day (I am NOT KIDDING!) she was relisted as she is almost to the age where even though her needs are not on the list she can be adopted. So I took it as a sign naturally I was suppose to help if God stirred in my heart to think & pray for her on my birthday. Reece's Rainbow started this program called Guardian Angels to raise awareness & funds for the "Other Angels" who have various special needs such as Cerebal Palsy which Brandi has. So since I have not really advocated for the kids without Down Syndrome & that sign God showed before me so I signed up to be her Guardian Angel Warrior. So far her grant started at $0, then I felt called to donate so it would no longer be that amount so I put in $5 & someone else donated that same amount so currently her Grant is $10. Please take a moment to go like Beautiful Brandi right now I am trying to get 100 likes & will be giving away a Hairbow when we reach that many likes! Also have a change drive going for her on that page. So feel free to collect change & add it up to put in her Grant!

I hope to fundraise for these beautiful butterflies more in the future & pray their families will find them so they can thrive! Please pray for Alden & Celines region to reopen so that they can have the best chances at finding families! Pray Alden will get more information so he can have his own grant or that a family will be brave to step forward without it. Pray Cora Lynne has not been transferred I have a feeling that she might be to a far worse place & that she might be in "laying" room. Her picture is not the greatest but I pray a family will see past that. Brandi I also pray she has not been transferred as I know the place she would go to.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Even if it's just me & my friend reading

Even if my friend Rochelle is the only reader of my blog besides myself it does not matter I will still blog about the girls & fundraisers, & orphans. If you read this blog know that I appreciate the time you take out of your busy life to come read my little blog. I just put up the down syndrome trisomy 21 button so hoping that brings more awareness & traffic to my meager blog.
Just a reminder that the etsy necklace fundraiser ends today! Please check out the details on the fundraiser tab!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I will have none of that Satan!!

During the past 3 days Satan has defiantally tried to run me down emotionally & physically. One of the reasons I was a bit down Saturday night, with my fundraising efforts being slow & depressed about the JBF sale with new changes & not having alot to sell which benefits Celine & the whole deal of Celine not having a family, not heard anything regarding her country reopening, feeling bad cause I chose to be a Guardian Angel Warrior for a little girl named Brandi who I have yet to do anything for. I setup a facebook page cause I was getting overwhelmed whether to have another blog for her or what cause I thought that would be able to spread the word to people on there that don't read blogs. Frankly its been rather quiet here that I did not know if I wanted to blog or not & why put myself through the hassle? I WILL TELL YOU WHY!! THEIR LIVES MATTER & IF NOT ME THAN WHO? I went to church Sunday feeling refreshed & renewed, then Satan attacked yet again but "Satan Satan, Go away never come Back again"! Thankfully I keep praying & hoping for the girls & several other of "my kids of my heart" to find families! God always triumphs over Evil!! After that Joybelle etsy shop sold 1 more necklace which means only 1 more sale til the Girls each get $100! Please check it out on the fundraising tab above as it ends in 2 days!! Than a friend is buying 2 items from me, 1 of which benefits Celine Praise God! Hey it may be $5 but every little bit helps! I have also decided to change the name of my blog, Caring for Celine & Cora Lynne started off mainly for them but now I think its time to reflect the other kids I have previously helped & hope to advocate more in the future.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vinnies Giveaway

Okay so my friend, Christina whom I love very much is doing a Giveaway for Vinnie who is being adopted by the Sheffield family. I want to help in whatever way I can to spread the word about the Giveaway she is doing. Christina is another person who has given me such great encouragement as a friend. So I am going to repost hers as well!
Vinnie's Giveaway with a Twist
I am doing a giveaway for the Sheffield family bringing home Vinnie. They are $4,300 away from thier goal of $5,000 for dossier/apostilles. Please take a look at the many items I have up for grabs and remember to pray for this awesome family. So here are the details:

Simply make a donation at by either thier ChipIn (this method is preferred but is not tax deductible) or you can donate to their Reece's Rainbow FSP (Family Sponsorship Program, tax deductible) for an opportunity to receive one of these fabulous items! Here's how it works:

$ 5 donation = 1 entry
$ 10 donation = 3 entries
$ 25 donation = 10 entries
$ 50 donation = 20 entries
$100 donation = 50 entries
Share on facebook/twitter = 1 entry
Post about our giveaway on your blog = 2 entries

After you make your donation and/or share, email me at Tell me how many entries you have and ill give you a number or numbers. Then you will look at the items and comment under the post of the item you want with your number. If your number is the only one under the item obviously it will be yours. The ones that have multiple numbers will be choosen through at the end of the giveaway. The more entries you have on each item the better your chances are. There are 24 items. Please remember to scroll down to look at all items!

Thats it! Simple! I would like to send a special thanks to the donaters of this giveaway. If there link to "like" please show your appreciation by liking it.
Is he not worth it??

Mulligan stew

Okay so I know probably not too many people are going to read this or if they do they probably already read Julias blog but hey you never know? So as you recall I have mentioned her & her blog countless of times & she was the one that met Heath whom I featured in my Lost Get Found Giveaway. Anyway I told her if their was anything I could do to help she said spread the word about this cool Giveaway thats going to help Heath & countless of other orphans including those families adopting from the certain orphanage. Julia has been such a blessing of encouragement & support while I continously cry out for the girls so even though I am not as blog worthy or a very good writer for that matter I am going to repost her blog post about the Giveaway anyway. Please go to her Giveaway post & leave a comment there to be entered! To see all pictures of prizes go hereMulligan Stew Giveaway

"A Common Stew for an Uncommonly Good Cause!"

Our Mulligan Stew is a tasty community stew that will feed a whole host of orphans, because a whole host of Godly people from the adoption community threw a whole host of great ingredients into our stew pot.

There are 83 items simmering away in our stew pot. The total value of all of these items is well over $4,500.00. Every single one of these donated items has been accompanied by whispered prayers that God will multiply the gift.

Our stew's been simmering for well over a week now. We've been praying for the Lord's blessing on this meal. We've also been learning the stories of all of those whom we've invited to share in this meal.

Now we just need YOU to help us care for the orphan.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'"


Since the idea for this Mulligan Stew Giveaway began with 17-year-old Maria's desire to have a family above all else....

You can enter our giveaway just by making a tax-deductible donation to Maria (Masha) and her siblings (Heim family). I'll leave the amount of your donation between you and the Lord. They need $35,000 to adopt all four children.

That's it. One donation to Maria and her siblings puts your name in our giveaway, with a chance to win one of these 80+ great prizes.

After that, we'd like you to choose one, two or several more children and families from the list below that you feel led to help. The number of donations, and the amounts, are totally up to you.

As an added incentive for making extra donations, we've come up with this simple point system:

We'll put one entry beside your name for every $5 that you donate. However, at certain levels of giving, you'll also receive extra entries. At the $20 level, you'll receive 1 extra entry-- instead of 4 entries, you'll receive 5. At the $35 level, you'll receive 2 extra entries-- instead of 7 entries, you'll receive 9. There are 3 extra entries at the $50 level, 4 extra at the $75 level, 5 extra at the $100 level, and so on. If all of that's too confusing, just refer to this chart:

$10.00 - 2 entries
$20.00 - 5 entries
$35.00 - 9 entries
$50.00 - 13 entries
$75.00 - 19 entries
$100.00 - 25 entries
$150.00 - 36 entries
$200.00 - 47 entries
$250.00 - 58 entries
$500.00 - 110 entries

There is also another way to earn entries: by sharing our Giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your own blog. After you've donated, just leave a comment on my blog to let me know that you've shared as well. Every share gets you an entry.

When our Mulligan Stew Giveaway ends, we'll choose a winner for each prize by drawing random numbers from The more entries there are beside your name, the more chances you'll have to win something great!


Use the links below to go to the sites where these wonderful adoptive families and children are receiving donations. Follow the directions there to make your generous donations.
THEN, come back to this blog and leave a comment to let me know two things: (1) that you donated to Maria (Heim family), and (2) the total amount that you donated to ALL of the children and families that you chose to help. Because I always moderate my comments, I will be able to keep this information private.
If you prefer not to leave a comment, you can e-mail me at
None of the money that you donate will flow through our hands; it will all go directly to the people who need it.
This Giveaway will end on March 31.

Please use these links to make your generous donations:

MARIA and Vika, Alina and Sasha
Donate to the Heim Family
$35,000.00 needed

Keith (4)
The Unroe family blog
They are adopting Keith as well as 4 other children from other institutions.
$11,000 needed

Teddy (7), Val (7), and Steward (8 1/2)
The Archer family blog
They are bringing home all three of these sweet boys!
$13,000 needed

Angelina Mariana (5)
The Carpenter family blog

Find the instructions for donating to the Carpenter family on their sidebar.
$2,800.00 needed

Kelton (12) and Teagan (4 1/2)
The Burman family blog
Kelton and Teagon are listed as Steven and Tommy on their Reece's Rainbow accounts.
$2,000.00 needed

Ian (2-1/2) Kolina (9)

Menges family blog Duncan family blog
$10,000 needed $8,000.00 needed
They are also adopting another girl.

Makayla (10)
Booth family blog
$17,000 needed

Liliana (11), Pam (15) and Butler (5)
The Sousa family blog
The Sousa family is also adopting one more little guy from another orphanage.
$3,000.00 needed

BABY N (3)
(no picture)

Samantha (7) Annie (5)
Fully Funded PLEASE PRAY!! Fully Funded PLEASE PRAY!!

Both of these girls desperately need our prayers!! They are tiny and weak.

Victoria Igor
$118.75 in her grant account $382.20 in his grant account

$484.00 in his grant account

Heath Hanson
$4383.30 in his grant account $187.00 in his grant account

Our Lost Boys

You can donate to the Lost Boys through Harvest International. Click on THIS LINK and designate your gift to Alyona and Slavik for the Lost Boys. All donations to Harvest International are Tax Deductible.

CLICK HERE to go to the Lost Boys Boutique and support the Lost Boys while you shop.
100% of the proceeds support the Lost Boys.

Jack Laurel
$4303.10 in his grant account $10,114.01-- SHE NEEDS A FAMILY!

$10,098.00-- SHE NEEDS A FAMILY!


Here's the list. To see pictures of each item go to the Mulligan Stew menu link at the top of the blog!

Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting some of these items and sharing some of the stories behind some of these gifts.

For now, HERE IS THE LIST OF ALL 83 ITEMS. Total value is over $4,500.00.

3RD GENERATION iPAD 16GB WiFi with engraving - $500.00 value - donated by S.
Kindle Fire Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi - $200.00 value - donated by Molly
Kindle Fire Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi - $200.00 value - donated by Kelly
Extra $250.00 donation to a waiting child of the winner’s choice
Extra $100.00 donation to a waiting child of the winner's choice
Extra $50.00 donation to a waiting child of the winner’s choice
250.00 gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond
250.00 gift card to Best Buy
$100.00 gift card to Vintage Pearl
$100.00 iTunes gift card
$50.00 gift card of your choice
$50 gift card to Bath and Body Works
$25.00 gift card to Old Navy
$25.00 gift card to Fandango
$25.00 Kindle gift card
$25.00 iTunes gift card
$25.00 gift certificate to - This gift certificate will also benefit Lilly 3G on RR
$15.00 gift certificate to Vadas Creation
$5.00 gift card to Walmart
$5.00 gift card to Walmart
Beautifully and lovingly made Afghan by the M. family - $100.00 value
PUPPY EYES stained glass by Martha Walker - $50.00 value
Handmade Dr. Seuss quilt for a Double bed with ornate and detailed quilting by Heather Vitella- $400.00 value
Owl purse handmade with love by Brenda - $20.00 value
Owl purse handmade with love by Brenda - $20.00 value
Happy Hartman Handmade soap - $15.00 value
Happy Hartman Handmade soap - $10.00 value
4 Handmade potholders - Made with hands of love - PRICELESS
Beautiful Dresser Scarf - $10.00 value
Chain crocheted by seven year old Maggie, who has a very big heart for orphans - Value: PRICELESS!!
Set of cards from Africa - lovingly purchased from an African man in a handcart wheelchair - Priceless
Set of cards from Africa - lovingly purchased from an African man in a handcart wheelchair - Priceless
Set of cards from Africa - lovingly purchased from an African man in a handcart wheelchair - Priceless
E-reader/ipad cover by Missy Breen - $8.00 value
Tag blanket by Shelly Berman - $10.00 value
Two very cute hand puppets by Missy Breen - $12.00 value
Monkey receiving blanket by Kaitlyn - $15.00 value
Pooh receiving blanket by Kaitlyn - $15.00 value
Flower receiving blanket by Kaitlyn - $15.00 value
Beautiful handmade child's quilt donated by Amanda Burlingham - $45.00 value
Homemade hair clips and bow by Jamie Lentz - $20.00 value
Melissa and Doug Vehicle Puzzles in a Box Set - $12.00 value
100% Highland newborn Booties and Aviatrix baby hat - $20.00 value
ART GIFT SET (Crayola and Elmer's products) - $50.00 value
Handmade doll by Becky Wangerin - $29.00 value
2 handmade grosgrain ribbon bows. One of the bows is a ladybug and the other is a butterfly. Plus a bow organizer/holder for the bows. It is a wooden cloud with a long ribbon attached. By Alissa - $15.00 value
Scrabble tile pendant with ball chain necklace. The picture is of a little juice box. By Alissa - $8.00 value
Scrabble tile necklace with ball chain necklace. The picture is of a flower. By Alissa - $8.00 value
Handmade bird's nest silver wire wrapped pendant necklace with 3 blue eggs and simple silver chain. By Alissa - $15.00 value
Can You Say Sew - t-shirt - You get to Pick!! - $12.00 value
Calling Orphans Home t-shirt -You get to Pick!! - $25.00 value
Kate Spade Black Leather Handbag - $295.00 value
Utility tote - $30.00 value
Metro bag - $52.00 value
Lia Sophia necklace and bracelet - $188.00 value
BEAUTIFUL pendant handmade by Sarah - You get to design!! - $15.00 value
Shamrock earrings (handmade) by Christina Reed - they are raising money for their adoption with these earrings - - $8.00 value
Tiffany & Co. Revere 1 3/4 Qt. Crystal Bowl 7 3/4 Dia. - $70.00 value
Antique Salad Servers (circa 1914) - $60.00 value
Lladro: The Bridesmaid - $355.00 value
Walt Disney Classics Collection Timon "Luau" - $64.00 value
Walt Disney Classics Collection Snow White "Won't you smile for me?" - $75.00 value
BIBLE STUDY GUIDE - (includes Teacher's Guide Unit 1, Student Pages Beginner Level 4 sets, Beginner Time Line and Bible Book Summary Cards (b/w) - $100.00 value
Christian Books on CD Lot One - Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis -New (opened), How Good is good enough? by Andy Stanley, I Am Not But I Know I AM by Louie Giglio -New (opened), What Good is God? by Philip Yancey -New (opened), Just As I Am by Billy Graham - $50.00 value
Christian Books on CD Lot Two - HOLY Discontent by Bill Hybels -New (opened), Radical by David Platt -New (opened), Rumors of Another World by Philip Yancey -Like new, Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado -New (opened) - $35.00 value
Christian DVD Lot - The Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Forbidden Book (The History of the English Bible) - $50.00 value
The Daily Message-through the Bible in One Year (entire Bible on audio CDs, organized by daily reading) -New (opened) - $10.00 value
Digital Personalized Scrapbook - 25-50 page scrapbook - by Amanda Holmes - $100.00 value
A Daybook of Grace: A Year of Devotions to Draw You Near to the Heart of God - $20.00 value
“7 – A Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker - $15.00 value
“7 – A Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker - $15.00 value
“7 – A Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker - $15.00 value
Charlotte's Chocolate Factory - winner's choice of brownies, blondies or cookies - $15.00 value
Charlotte's Chocolate Factory - winner's choice of brownies, blondies or cookies - $15.00 value
1 dozen "cake balls" or "cake pops" by Kerri - $25.00 value
1 dozen "cake balls" or "cake pops" by Kerri- $25.00 value
2 loaves of homemade bread and honey by Diana Tyree - $11.50 value
2 loaves of homemade bread and honey by Diana Tyree - $11.50 value
2 loaves of homemade bread and honey by Diana Tyree - $11.50 value
2 loaves of homemade bread and honey by Diana Tyree - $11.50 value
Chocolate gift basket - Comes with hand-carved wooden platter made from a Chinese Fir Tree. Basket includes Chocolaty Cherry Amaretto Cheesecake Fondue, White Chocolate Sauce, Hazelnut Zebra Hand-Crafted Biscotti, Chocolate Toffee Hand-Crafted Biscotti, Godiva Milk Chocolate Cashews, Godiva Dark Chocolate Almonds, Godiva Milk Chocolate Strawberries, A Large Assortment of Lindt Cream Filled Lindor Truffles, A Chocolate, Berries, Cookies, Grahams, Crispy Rice & Pecans Bar, A Chocolate, Peanuts, Peanut Butter and Chocolaty Puffs Gourmet Bar, 2 Godiva 3.5oz Dark Chocolate Bars, Godiva Milk Chocolate Bar (3.5oz), Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar (3.5oz), Godiva White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch (3.5oz), Rich and Creamy Chocolate Walnut Fudge, Rich and Creamy Vanilla Walnut Fudge, European Delicacies Premium Cookie Assortment (incredible!), Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with a Creamy Peppermint Filling, Godiva Milk Chocolate Filled With Caramel, Godiva Dark Chocolate Filled With Raspberries, Ribbon, Wrap and Ivy Enhancements - $200.00 value

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Need help!!

Why I know its certainly been quiet around here & I am pretty sure not many are reading I am asking for help! You all were so helpful when I have done my Giveaways but now its my season to help 2 friends who have graciously supported my fundraisers & a family who is in my local area about to go rescue their son. First up is my friend Christina. I got her hooked into the Reeces Rainbow world LOL. She, like advocates for so many & tries hard to fundraise for others in the midst of her own life. Right now she is working on a Giveaway for our friend Christine who is adopting Vinnie. Let me tell you right now I wish I can help everyone but my blog is not huge & right now these 2 friends are going to be the main ones I feel lead to help right now. You don't know how hard it is not to donate to every orphan or family or post for that matter but I am only a young adult with 1 job right now & I really need to save for later down the road (like if its Gods plan for me to adopt or if I want to save some for Celines or Cora Lynnes family or start my own non-profit or go to Ukraine and/or Russia or whatever) It starts Friday but she would love some more prizes so if you have something please leave your email address (comment will not be posted) & I will put you in touch with her. Stay tuned for my dear friend Julias Giveaway which starts Friday as well to benefit loads of orphans including "our" Heath & families in the process of adopting!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Every Life is Beautiful pt 2

I know people are reading, but sometimes I just feel like I am writing to no one. I can't really post what I want to say but since I promised you pt 2 & even though its still not as big as I want it I am going to post it even if 1 person reads this or a thousand it does not matter. I think I will just turn this into a series. If you missed my post and/or Part 1 of Every Life is Beautiful I encourage you to read those posts!

I think life is beautiful & an amazing gift...We don't realize we have it till it's gone. ♥ Sweet Addie is what keeps my life beautiful." Alyssa G. (Addie I hope you know how loved you were by your family & friends even though you were here on earth for such a short time. I love your sweet sisters heart & I know someday you both will meet again in heaven Leah)

This is why every life is beautiful, my three babies! One bio and two adopted. All three were unplanned blessings and all three are very loved and cherished! Crystal W.

I still can't believe how much this child has changed! His life is defiantly beautiful. Note from Leah about Gabe (collage courtesy of Gabe's sister Genesis)

2 winners that still need to contact me ASAP

I still have heard no response from Jennifer or Ryan F on their giveaway prizes. I still would like you to get them if possible but if I don't hear back soon I will either tell the person who has them they no longer need to donate them or ask them if I can use it another auction or Giveaway. Please email me at if your either of those people