Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So surreal

Its so surreal that last fall I fell in love with this little boy named Quinton, even though I could not adopt him being too young & not married I started to pray, fundraise, & advocate for this boy whom I shared a birthday with.

to June 20, 2011 the day my dream became reality of Quinton meeting his parents for the 1st time! Can't you see the happiness in him with his new parents?

Please keep praying for this sweet family to get a court date soon!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update on the Millers

As far as I know they will get to meet Quinton on Monday! Please keep them in prayer & that they will get a court day before July 15th!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For this child I Prayed

For this child, I prayed for, thought of often, & fundraised for.

I had a yard sale

His Parents Carol & Brian have gone through PILES & PILES of paperwork working hard to get to their boy,

Right now they are in that Country! Please pray for them!
Through it all, I kept thinking of the day when he finally gets to meet his parents for the 1st time. Well that day is about to arrive, Friday in the nameless country a boy who I fell in love with from the moment I saw his picture will be meeting his forever family! As you can imagine being a warrior, thats the ultimate goal that you hope happens someday, well I am beyond thrilled that they are getting to meet their son! At the same time it is bittersweet as you have followed their journey from the begining & you kinda wish you were there.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our God is a mighty God!

I am just going to come right out & say it. Saturday after I figured out we only made $185 for Celine, Cora Lynne, the Miller, & Mickschl families which was less than last weekends yard sale I was bummed not too mention tired & sunburnt. I was hoping to raise the remaining for Celines 5/5/5 goal or at least half for both girls, as well as at least half of what the millers still needed. Even though I had heard of other miracles happening, I was thinking in my mind when will that miracle happen? I was not trusting in the one who provides it all. Now I realize that the Devil was trying to pull me down! The last time I looked at the Millers grant it was over $8,000. After replying to a friends link post about the Millers, then Carol his mom encouraged me saying God knows whats needed. When I got on fb yesterday (mind you I have not looked at his fsp page in several days) first I see a post from a friend saying Guess who is fully funded? I thought their is no way but then I go to Carols fb & see that they are fully funded just 50 minutes before they took off! I was an emotional wreck yesterday after I found out. Then I look at their fsp which was over $12,000. I have learned my lesson & I will never doubt God again! I just needed to trust him to provide! I am praying & leaning on him that he will provide the remaining funds needed to bring home Lydiah & if I happen to be a part of that miracle I will cry out to the one who always provides! I will trust him to find these girls families, provide the funds needed, & watch over them til those families come. Look for some more fundraisers coming soon for the girls & Lydiah! Because of the celebration of them being fully funded I am going blue partially dyed hair for Quinton so look for that picture soon! So excited & anxiously awaiting new pictures of him with his parents! For this child, I Prayed, advocated, & fundraised for that we both share a birthday. Carol & Brian, if your reading this know that I am so happy that you stepped out in faith to adopt Quinton & you made my wish of him coming to a family true! I so hope to meet them maybe around my birthday/Quintons birthday next year. Love u Quinton boy & I am so happy to have gotten to play a small part of your forever family finding you, hope to meet you soon! Love, Leah

Sunday, June 12, 2011

7 months later!

7 months ago, I got the most awesome email a Reeces Rainbow warrior could get because November 1st, 2010 began a blessed friendship with Quintons Mom, Carol. Since they are leaving today I thought I should share the day I found out about their awesome news. Lets go to the day of or before (can't remember) when I decided I wanted to post a certain post on Quinton, i thought nothing of it but then I got this very exciting email:
Hi. My name is Carol Miller and my husband and I have recently begun paperwork to pursue Quinton's adoption. I was so excited and overwhelmed to the point of tears when I read your post. We are head over heels in love with this little guy and feel called to make him a part of our family. We cannot express our gratitude enough. We have seen God work in ways this past week that we have never experienced before. Please please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone involved in your fundraisers. If there is an address I could send a card to, I would love that. If you'd rather stay anonymous, that's fine too. You will always mean more to us than you know because your efforts helped us bring our baby home!
God bless you,
Carol and Brian
I was so excited & happy for you! Not only but the day the angel tree started as I was his christmas warrior I got this email. God knew Quintons family from the day he was born. You can look at my other blog to see how far I have come with my special birthday buddys fundraisers/advocacy efforts & the journey I have been on as well watching & waiting for him to meet his parents & now its here! Please pray for the Millers in the rest of this process & their SDA appointment June 15th. Pray they will have safe travels. Pray most of all for my lil bud Quinton as he meets his parents for the 1st time & that they will get along well. Pray they can raise the remaining $3,250 to bring him home! If you can please donate at least $5 to help on their button to the right, it goes straight into their grant & its tax deductible?
Quinton, mommy & daddy will be their soon for you! KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED & TREASURED FOR WHO YOU ARE BY SO MANY!! I love you with all my heart as if you were my own little brother, Leah PS ALL YOUR CALIFORNIA FRIENDS ARE EXCITED FOR YOU TO MEET MOMMY & DADDY, & WILL BE PRAYING FOR ALL TO GO WELL!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Reeces Rainbow 5 yrs of life changing!

I know this blog post is a day late but I still wanted to write it.
Happy 5th Birthday, Reece's Rainbow! June 9, 2011 marks our 5th anniversary! More than 500+ orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs have found their "forever families" through Reece's Rainbow in this short 5 years.
GET THAT 500+ ORPHANS HOME WITH THEIR FOREVER FAMILIES IN 5 YEARS!!! I am celebrating that Reeces Rainbow & Andrea Roberts have done a great job in all they do for these families but in sad reality their are still many more waiting to find their forever family! Take these 2 girls for example!
Celine just waiting on someone to hold & care for her!

Will you be Cora Lynnes family?

Both these girls are 5 yrs old, same as RR. Will you help me find their families by the end of 2011 so they can be apart of the next 500+ kids to find families? If you can't adopt consider donating to their grant funds or share my blog!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tears of Thankfulness

My eyes are glistening, right now these are the faces I am thinking about whose families are there right now but my heart is breaking & so will yours when you see this:
This is Gabe, his family is in his country right now adopting him. He is 6 yrs old & has spent his entire days laying down in a crib. This picture does not show but he is the size of a 3 yr old. My heart just breaks for him.

I keep wondering, will Celine or Cora Lynne be like Gabe? Never knowing what love & a family truely is.
See this pretty girl & her Mommy? Thats Vika, my heart breaks as they keep saying she is sleepy which might mean that the orphanage drugs them.

I also have been following this families journey, my heart just smiles & fills with Joy everytime I see her face!

Please pray for these families!
Today I am thankful for my life, thankful that their are awesome families rescuing these kids, thankful that yesterday the yard sale brought in around $366 for the Millers & Mickschls, Thankful that strangers donated money in the donation jar/told us to keep the change for the orphans, thankful we raised around $33 selling baked goodies & donations for Celine & Cora Lynne at the sale, thankful for my friends & friends of the mickschl family that donated items to sell, thankful i had a Mom who helped out alot making signs to advertise & helped at the sale, thankful that next saturday it looks like a sunny day for the yard sale, thankful that their are more friends that have more items to sell, & Most of all thankful to God for all his blessings! Lets find these girls families! Celine is my 5/5/5 warrior & I would love to see her reach the goal of $5,000!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today is the last day

Today is the last day for my birthday challenge! Its been nice to be able to blog for 31 days advocating for Cora Lynne. She has not found her forever family yet but I am praying she will soon! Friday, I will have the bake sale portions go to Celine & Cora Lynnes grant funds. I will PUSH-PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS OR IN THIS CASE TIL SHE FINDS HER FOREVER FAMILY!!!
Advocating for these orphans has changed me for the better!