Friday, June 10, 2011

Reeces Rainbow 5 yrs of life changing!

I know this blog post is a day late but I still wanted to write it.
Happy 5th Birthday, Reece's Rainbow! June 9, 2011 marks our 5th anniversary! More than 500+ orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs have found their "forever families" through Reece's Rainbow in this short 5 years.
GET THAT 500+ ORPHANS HOME WITH THEIR FOREVER FAMILIES IN 5 YEARS!!! I am celebrating that Reeces Rainbow & Andrea Roberts have done a great job in all they do for these families but in sad reality their are still many more waiting to find their forever family! Take these 2 girls for example!
Celine just waiting on someone to hold & care for her!

Will you be Cora Lynnes family?

Both these girls are 5 yrs old, same as RR. Will you help me find their families by the end of 2011 so they can be apart of the next 500+ kids to find families? If you can't adopt consider donating to their grant funds or share my blog!

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