Leah's 21 for 21

UPDATE-THIS IS A PROJECT I DID FOR MY BIRTHDAY & THOUGH I DID NOT REACH THE GOAL I DID MANAGE TO RAISE OVER $4,000 & I'M GLAD AT LEAST I DID PAST $2,100 EVEN IF IT WAS NOT MY GOAL OF $21,000 FOR MY 21ST BIRTHDAY. I would be honored & will count whatever I raise towards my Angel Tree kids towards the final amount raised during my 21st year.

For those that missed it or did not know back in October I had a dream or feeling that I wanted to do something BIGGER & special for my 21st Birthday on Feb 4th by raising $21,000 for Reece's Rainbow in honor of turning 21 & my sister with Down syndrome (21st chromosome). It has become a success by raising over $4,000 but we still have not reached that goal! I am not GIVING UP TIL WE REACH THAT GOAL!! 
Want to know how you can help by donating?
You can donate here
Donations will go directly to Reece's Rainbow.
Or you can still send a check made out to Reece's Rainbow with Leah's 21 for 21 in the subject line.
Reece's Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885
Thanks for your support as I continue this effort!! Leah

 Below is what I originally wrote about what I am doing:
Some kids may say let's go out to party & get drunk for their 21st Birthday.
I want something different for my Birthday. As you know my sister has Down Syndrome (the 21st chromosome) has changed my life for the better even though we do have our moments I would never change her for anything. Because of "Pink Princess", in my life I found a whole passion called Reeces Rainbow which seeks to fundraise & advocate for special needs orphans internationally to be adopted. I discovered that unlike the USA other countries had not changed their thinking of special needs kids. I found to my shocking horror that Mental Institutions still exist & that in some orphanages kids as old as 16 could be lying in a crib rotting away. My heart broke as I heard kids between 4-6 years old being taken from the "baby house", the only home they have ever known to adult mental institutions. God used the story of a little girl named Sofia to touch the depth of my heart that I felt acted to do something to help. The past almost 3 years I have fundraised & Prayed for two girls who captured my heart. No one to hold them, love them, & cherish them.You might not get why I have this passion but my life is truly not the same since my heart & eyes were called to the plea of the orphans.
So as I was thinking in my mind & heart of something special & more meaningful then my previous Birthdays let alone my 21st I came up with this idea. International adoptions can cost $25,000-40,000 depending on country & other factors. I decided in honor of my 21st Birthday & the 21st chromosome I wanted to raise $21,000. 

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