Monday, January 30, 2012

All it took was one

Today I thought I would blog about 1 life who made a difference even in not the best of days. Although I can't share all the details pubicly I will share with you how even in the not so good days you never know when you can make a difference. I will start out this story..
So One evening a friend had invited our family to a Birthday party so off we went
we all were not in our best moods & 1 of us was not too happy about her TV schedule being interupted. Though we were not having the best evening, we did not know the effect a life of our family would have on someone elses life just by merely being at a birthday party even at our unhappiest time. I now know it was Gods plan for us to be there whether it had been the best day or not. I cannot imagine what would have happened if we had decided not to go at all or the certain member in our family to have her way. Though she will probably never understand why she had to go or what entire impact she had on that life it mattered to that one. For you see it all took 1 life to make a difference & in return give me a gift of knowing about the millions of orphans there are in this world & what they face. Thats how my whole blogging & advocating begin it just took 1 to spiral effect into advocating for first Quinton then he found a family, then Celine, Cora Lynne, & many others til their are no more orphans in this world!! See you just never know when 1 life can make a difference even if it may be not a good day & your about to giveup, even whether its small or big YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONES LIFE TODAY WHETHER ITS SMALL OR BIG!!! ALL IT TAKES IS 1 LIFE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
In times, where I have struggled I have gotten notes, or messages that made a difference when they did not even know it. I could name thousands of people who have made a difference in my life but know I am greatful for every single one of you. I know I can make a difference even if its not the best of days that I can make someone elses day whether its big or small!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A challenge

wow you all have amazed me BIG TIME!!! You all have raised $1,878.00 for Celine & Heath in a little more than a week! January 16th Heath only had $630 in his grant, now he has $2,470.00!!! Now I wish to issue a CHALLENGE, for you see another girl living in a institution needs a family & funds. For this lost girl to be added to benefit from the Giveaway I would love for Celine to reach $10,000 in her total grant I know thats $2,229.00 to raise but Nothings Impossible with God!! When she gets added I will switch things up a bit on how much per entry as well. WE ONLY HAVE 12 DAYS LEFT TIL THIS GIVEAWAY ENDS LETS BLESS 3 ORPHANS TO GET FOUND!! Stay tune Feb 4th for 1 day only entry deals & a Birthday post for Quinton.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aarons Hoedown

Another fun event! This time I got to more attend it than help, I still had a grand ole time failing at line dancing. I will remember this event as well & can't wait to meet Aaron! Christina yet again at our annual check in table!
Learning to line dance

Christina, Melissa (Aarons mom to be!), & I

Olivia Fest

Okay pardon me for interupting but I waited almost 4 months too long for this post. 4 months ago I had the pleasure of helping the Herringtons at their Big fundraiser, OliviaFest. It was a lovely successful evening I will always remember to help bring sweet Olivia home. Pictures do more justice then words so heres some photos of the amazing evening. Love you sweet Olivia & can't wait for you to be home!
Christina at the Check In Table

Christina & I at the check in table

Monday, January 23, 2012

A birthday wish

In 12 days, I will turn 20 (yikes I am getting old quick! LOL). If you were a blog reader last year, then you recall my celebrating Quintons birthday by having a "joint" party for the both of us & instead of Gifts I asked for donations for his adoption grant. I also started a Change Drive which ended up raising at least $100. Thankfully he is now home with his Forever Family. This year I am going to ask the same yet again, I am hoping to raise at least $300. Will you please consider donating or collecting change in honor of Quintons new life with his family on his second birthday & instead of gifts for my 20th? My birthday wish is that 1 or both my girls will find their forever families & that the next best thing to that would be for them to both recieve money in their grants! Please follow along to collect change here
Look for a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE to Quinton & a SURPRISE ENTRIES UPDATE on the Lost Get Found Giveaway February 4th! Cause all this girl is asking for is to help a lost girl be found!
If all my friends did this 3 months ago for the love of Celine $220 raised!

Just imagine what we could do this time around!!
Help make my 20th BIRTHDAY WISH COME TRUE ON FEBRUARY 4TH!! I am praying to double that from last time! That means $440 needs to be raised!

Please don't forget!!

The Lost Get Found Giveaway is going great so far with $1,311.00 raised for Heath & $28.15 for Celine way to go! Their may be hope for Celine in finding her forever family lets help raise her grant! Please don't forget about the Giveaway!!! Donations of prizes still gladly accepted too!

Friday, January 20, 2012

If only...

Reccently I have been addicted to the show, Storage Wars where they bid on abandoned/unpaid storage units. Its amazing to watch what they can find so far the best one I watched was a guy paid $2.50 for a unit (I am not kidding!) & it hardly had anything in it but he found these fly jars in drawers of the dresser which valued at $4,000. Its very cool to see all these deals being made, but it makes me wish I could put that much into a childs grant. I mean why put a value on a childs life? If only...
I could particially or fully fund a childs adoption than that child could be saved from a lifetime in a institution
If only...
I were older & already married I could adopt
If only...
xyz that Celine or Cora Lynne could be in my family
I know their is a lot if onlys but as a friend from RR said:
All of this to say, no matter how many page views or comments your posts get, or how "popular" you think your blog is, God HAS called you to this for a reason, and He DOES have a special role for you to play.
I am truely blessed to have such great friends who have been so supportive in my efforts, one Mom who adopted her son from the same institution Heath is in, Julia Nalle is so kind & has a way with words. Her blog Micah Six Eight has been so inspiring to me & has kept my days at bay when I would get discouraged. She has seen the LOST AND THE LONELY BOYS here and here & thats why I fight so hard for the orphans cause I never would want that to happen to a child. She has cared for Heath so much as they met him:
Brady was so blessed to find a family, now Heath still remains & Now their are more lost & lonely boys in that institution. The best I can do is the Lost Get Found Giveaway so please check it out! also I am welcome to new prizes for the Giveaway so leave a comment if you would like to donate something! Also PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I HAVE THIS AWESOME BUTTON TO THE RIGHT TO ADD TO YOUR BLOG PLUS YOU GET AN ENTRY!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Lost Get Found Giveaway

When I was first thinking about doing yet another Giveaway for Celine, I thought how in the world am I going to do one without money to buy something big to use? Well, God knew the Lost needed to be found. Reccently as we were moving, I came upon a box. Since it was around christmas I asked just incase it might be some present Mom had already ordered. Dad decided it was probably okay to open it, so we opened the box come to the surprise of us what was inside-A Brand New American Girl Emily doll. Santa had some mishap that happened so he had ended up reordering that same doll for my sister 4 years ago & forgot to return this Treasure. My Mom kindly said I could use it for a Giveaway. I knew God had answered my prayers by giving me this Lost Treasure that needed to be found. Most reccently I had been thinking of another treasure waiting to be found, a 10 yr old boy named Heath. His Grant not nearly the size of Celines, I could not get him out of my thoughts, which brought me to add him to benefit from this Giveaway & a name change that was more fitting to the whole point of the thing. While Emily has waited for 4 years to be played with, Heath & Celine have waited & waited & waited for their families. Both in Institutions, Heath in a far worse one & Celine in one of the better ones but both Lost waiting to be Found. Let's Help so that these 2 lost orphans can be FOUND! In celines region it can cost up to $40,000 sometimes more for her to be adopted so although she has a grant of $7,000+ its still not nearly what would be needed to adopt her. Heaths adoption probably cost $20,000-35,000 or more.
Donate to the donation box to the left, Heath has 1 & Celine has 1 so make sure you get the correct one. (Cora Lynne is not included in the Giveaway so make sure you don't accidentally do her donation box but feel free to still donate to her if you would like to) I dearly ask that you visit all etsy shops I have listed who so have generously donated prizes for this Giveaway! Some have adoption related products, others just fun products, & some with Down Syndrome awareness items. Please check out all our etsy donors!!! Once you have donated PLEASE LEAVE COMMENT saying you did as I have no way of knowing who donated. I thought the donation boxes were easier & fun to do than have the chipins that way I get see before/after of how much their total grant is at!
$10 donation per entry to either Heath and/or Celine DONATIONS CAN BE SPLIT BETWEEN THE 2! or $20 donation=16 entries YEP I AM GOING WILD FOR THE LAST 8 HOURS!! OR DONATE $5 OR MORE TO Masha which gets you 2 additional entries!! Help Masha reach $1,000 goal & the others get the best chance at finding families!!!
Any donation over $100 must forward their paypal reciept to I want to make sure no one tries to scam me that way. thanks!
USA residents only may enter. Winners will be chosen via
1 free entry for sharing on facebook, 1 for a blogpost, & 1 for twitter. Have you seen my new sidebar button Sarah B created for the Giveaway to advertise? If you place it on your blog thats another free entry to the Giveaway! Just make sure you leave a comment with your blog so I can double check.
1 commenter will be chosen randomly for doing any of the sharing options to win a $20Target Gift Card.
Ends February 8th TODAY at midnigt PT, winners will be announced Feb. 9th.
Onto the Giveaway, First up is a BRAND NEW American Girl Emily Doll, book, & accessories retails for $124

Bath set valued at $60, donated by Crystal W.

3 unique shells personalized with what you want donated by Stephanie K.

Handmade Interchangeable flower hat,It will fit an adult woman, and has two interchangeable flowers that are both clips so are detectable and movable. donated by Sarah B Retailed at $15

Just so you know what it looks like on a person:

Also Sarah B has donated a slouchy hat which also fits an adult woman:

Oh not to mention she donated a custom size and color Owl Hat!

check out here creativity & handmade items she & another girl make to fundraise on Handiwork for Lily

Longing by Karen Kingsbury

2 winners will be chosen to recieve a copy of this book

Mary Kay set #1 donated by Jean C.
Give your legs and feet a treat. Soothe them with this at-home pedicure set! Includes Foot Soak, Sloughing Brush and Mint Bliss™ Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs – a cool mint formula that helps tired feet and legs feel revived. With key ingredients to create a wonderful cooling sensation – perfect for days when you're on your feet and on the go.

Mary Kay set #2 donated by Jean C. Fight off winter dry skin with this extra emollient night cream set! Helps maintain the natural moisture of the face and replenishes hydration in especially dry areas such as hands, elbows and feet. Contains petrolatum, beeswax and mineral oil to help form a protective shield to condition and seal in moisture. On the go tube included for your purse or car!

Next we have 3 unique Hair clips by peachykeenhair etsy shop featuring yours truely-Celine! 1 winner will be chosen for each hairclip

She is also donating a Mini tutu in any size & color

Handmade scarf donated by Deb W.

Miraculously My Own Adoption Wall Print (blue, orange, brown) Matthew 18:5 - 8 x 10 Print donated by RedLetterInk etsy shop

Personalized cute baby onesie necklace in sterling silver with flying heart donated by Fingerprince etsy shop

Lyubov (Love in Russian) Pendant donated by lovebloomseternal etsy shop

Down Syndrome Awareness Bookmark donated by ShadesofAwareness etsy shop

2 winners will be chosen to each get a Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet donated by HopeFaithAndBeads etsy shop

Looks like Mr T Toddler shirt donated by micielomicielo etsy shop

Also Anpanman-ish Infant Bodysuit donated by that shop as well

And lastly from that same etsy shop DOSUKOI Sumo Wrestler Infant Bodysuit

6 winners will be chosen to recieve 1 of these pendants donated by littlebitofme etsy shop

Hand Stamped Adoption waiting China Necklace donated by sassy2225 etsy shop

Valentine Conversation Heart Soap donated by ButtersandBubbles etsy shop
Just In time for Valentines Day!

Matthew 3:5 Bible Verse Resin Necklace donated by makingfootprints etsy shop

Joshua 24:15 in Amharic - Ethiopian Adoption Gifts 8x10 super thin original canvas donated by TheCanvasHeart etsy shop The verse for this piece is Joshua 24:15, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

This is the Ava keychain wallet by Gigi Hill in Athena Bronze faux leather. It is 6"W x 3"H Retails at $25.00 Donated by Elissa

Handmade earrings donated by Christina S

Remember to check out all the etsy shop links highlighted!!! If Heath & Celine could say thank you I am sure they would! Cause their lives matter! Comments are on moderate approval so if you don't see your comment right away do not worry I will get on it fast as I can! Think you might be their forever family? click on their names to go visit their pages on Reece's Rainbow to find out more about them!