Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daughters of my Heart

My daughters of my Heart, cause truely thats what they are since I am too young to adopt them & about the time I am old enough it might be too late for these girls. I know many have taken intrest in Celine (which is good!) but then I wonder why no one has taken intrest in Cora Lynne? Is it her picture? is it the grant size? is it qualifying for her region? Why do they still wait? Everynight I pray for them, blowing kisses at their angel tree ornaments wishing them goodnight & I love yous. I would race to the moon & back to be able to see them on my family page or meeting their family for the 1st time, or meeting them myself. Please keep spreading the word about these girls!! Pray for Celines country that it shall reopen soon & that even if its slow right now that it won't stop a family from commiting to her! I am doing the best I can right now to fundraise for both girls so let that not stop you from commiting either! Pray for the fundraisers currently going & future ones for Celine & Cora Lynne. Scentsy fundraiser ends today for Celine so check it out on the fundraiser tab or look for the old post on it!! WE HAVE RAISED ALMOST $100 ALREADY THROUGH THE CARRINGTON NECKLACE FUNDRAISER BY JOYBELLEJEWELRY ETSY SHOP!! MY PERSONAL GOAL IS TO AT LEAST SELL ENOUGH NECKLACES FOR BOTH GIRLS TO HAVE $100 EACH WHICH MEANS ONLY ABOUT 5-6 MORE SALES TO GO! ENDS MARCH 15TH!! PLEASE CHECK THAT OUT AS WELL by the tab or old post!!
For my post today, I would like to see how many of you are reading this blog so if you are a lurker & have never left a comment please post with who you are, how did you find my blog, & what you enjoy most about the blog.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I was having one of those funky days the other day, with all that's going on with Celines country, between the 2 fundraisers that were going kinda bad, & just plain ole being sad both girls don't have families & why have they not been chosen. But I should know by now to trust in God right? I am so happy the Necklace fundraiser has had 3 sales which is better than none! I don't know if their has been any other scentsy sales other than my order but you know what? I will trust in the one cause he always provides! Everything happens in his time! I failed to get done a post about Heath, but I feel the need to do a post about several older children specifically involving 2 newly listed teens that are about to age out. I did not think the title would go along with it but you know it actually does.
Meet Duncan, 15 years old & all he wants is to feel loved:
Duncan very much wants a family. He is smart and works hard. He gets along well with others. Duncan struggles with facing the future here in his native country. He knows that unless a miracle happens and he gets adopted (or a family commits and gets USCIS approval) in the next few months, he is going to be sent to a mental institution, even though mentally, he has no issues. Duncan appears to have CP, and he is small for his age (about the size of a 13 year old). Duncan's medical information is en route from the orphanage now, but the family who met him and who he approached to ask for a family and the facilitator want to go ahead and get his information and picture out there.
Duncan is a compassionate teen and one who says he "fears even to hope for a family, because he doesn't think anyone would want him because he isn't handsome". In fact, when it was time to pose for this picture, Duncan worried that someone would see it and then not want him. NEEDS A FAMILY ASAP BEFORE HE TURNS 16!
Can you see why someone could not love this boy? He's afraid of rejection sadly.

How can anyone reject him? Sadly, people have as with another family who said their daughters referral got seen by 500 families before they adopted her. I mean really?

Meet Samuel also needs a family ASAP before he turns 16:

Sam's disability is very minor- he has malformed fingers on both hands that appear to be due to banding of some sort. Otherwise, he is healthy. Sam's faith in God is very important to him and he would like a family who also worships God, who will encourage his gifts in soccer, and who will tell him "I love you" and listen to him as he talks.
Rejected simply cause he has malformed fingers. That's a special need so minor but to another country that means he needs to spend his days in a orphanage. And while not all orphanages are bad, its nothing compared to the love of a family.

How many orphans are rejected by their extra chromosome, cerebal palsy, or other special needs? What about simply being rejected by your gender? Sadly that happens in China where Boys are highly favored cause of their 2 child law. Why do people overlook the boys? surely they are as good as girls right?
Heath is a ten year old boy with Down Syndrome. He is tiny in stature. His feet hardly reach the edge of his shared wheelchair. Because of his age, he has already been transferred from the stimulating environment of his baby house to a dull and underfunded mental institute for boys ages 6-18. He is no longer the youngest boy in his group, but he is certainly among the smallest.

Who shall reject my smiling face simply cause of my age? I know raising a teenager much less one with Special Needs is challenging but if not you than what will happen to my smile? I can bring so much JOY IN YOUR LIFE! Bernadette NEEDS A FAMILY ASAP BY HER 16TH BIRTHDAY!!

Want to help Bernadette & win a Kindle Fire? Go CHECK OUT the Sunshine Girl Giveaway!!!
Adopt, Advocate, Donate, & PRAY!! Are you one of these kids mommy or daddy?? Go for it, older kids can change your life too! They deserve LOVE & TO BE ACCEPTED NOT REJECTED!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Under re-construction!

Trying to figure out this blog edit stuff, usually I have someone else do it but thought I would give it a shot! Still got to figure out a new header but keep the pictures so please be paitent. I hope this new change will reflect what these girls & other orphans truely are meant to be butterflies. I still am behind on a Teamwork Tuesday post about Heath which is now looking like a Thursday night/friday post. I appologize but I am tired of the same look & want something new & exciting!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A heart that breaks

Somedays I wonder what it's like to feel unwanted, not loved, not one person cares for you. It's a sad reality orphans face. I wonder what the girls are feeling, wondering if their feeling. Will someone ever love me? It's been almost 2 years since I first fell in love with a girl named Celine with a smile as big as the moon. You have been waiting for so long. For Cora Lynne has not much information, not the best picture has been listed since December 2010. For you see I wonder why have they not been chosen? Surely its not cause of a bad picture or age or grant size right? Sadly this is why so many still wait. What can I do? I can't adopt but I CAN support adoptive families & orphans. Many orphans wait, what can we do?? We can adopt, pray, advocate, donate to a waiting childs fund. I have prayed for many kids, but mainly have continued to pray that Heath, Celine, & Cora Lynne find families. Cora Lynne will turn 6 in May, I have no idea if she too has been transferred or if she has been sent to a place worse or about the same as the Institution Celine is at. My heart aches, at the thought of many of the older kids go unnoticed, unloved, not cared for & not chosen just cause they are older. Older kids need families too! Yes I know it may be hard to take on a 6 yr old or a 16 yr old but not all life is easy & they need a family to love them too! They can too be a blessing! If my sister was in a institution now their would be no chance for her as she is 24. Plenty of families can tell you whats it like adopting an older child. It may not be easy all the time but don't let the unknowns & what ifs scare you from pursuing an older child. Here's some kids who need families, all older, some with LARGE GRANTS, some with small grants, TRANSFERRED TO INSTITUTIONS, BUT NONE THE LESS ALL NEED A FAMILY TO LOVE & CALL THEM THEIR OWN.
Celine, 6 years old Transferred thankfully to a good place. Grant of over $8,000 & still growing with the help of a awesome team of people who love her & would help with any fundraising needed!! Her adoption will likely cost up to $40,000 or more

Cora Lynne
, almost 6 years old. Grant of over $4,000

Heath, 10 years old IN A INSTITUTION & NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THERE!! Over $3,500 grant!!

Masha 8 years old, HAS BEEN IN A INSTITUTION FOR QUITE A WHILE, & is a sweetheart at least from her 15 second debut on abc world news with dianne sawyer. More than $600 grant

This is Bernadette, SHE IS 15 YEARS OLD & NEEDS A FAMILY BY NOVEMBER OR SHE CAN NO LONGER BE ADOPTED!! I can't imagine, being almost 16 & never knowing of a love a family can bring.

Jack, 11 years old asking for a family. That certainly breaks my heart. Some of what his profile says: He asks mature questions, and his voice breaks in tears when he asked a family why they had come for a younger child and not for him? He asked "what do I need to do for a Mom to come? Do you know where she is? Is she looking for me?"

Last of all is Alden, my prayer warrior child. 6 years old & hardly any information on him which sadly means until they get information on him he can't get a grant fund. But you know what I am sure their might be a family out there for him that would take the risk so more information might be found.

Older kids CAN HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE if they find families so if your considering adopting, adopt an older child!

Why We think Every Life is Beautiful Pt 1

Whether you have special needs, or are adopted, or just plain ole you EVERY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Heres the replies of my most recent post Every Life is Beautiful.
This is John-John as we call him he is now 21 years old. CP, Autistic, and has 1/2 a brain He is my cousins son He is special to all of us and has so much love for all of us-Tammy R

my little starfish is very special and beautiful! Jan

''this is why, I think life is beautiful''♥ Mariah

"I think life is beautiful because we get to glorify God and live on a mission for Him everyday♥. And on that mission, He blesses us in many ways, in my case, many brothers." Genesis

This is Kole, who will soon join his forever family!

I did not get much response, if you want to be included in pt 2 email me a picture & why you think every life is beautiful to Need an example? go to the highlighted link above.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Still need to hear back from the following for Giveaway prizes!

LEASE CONTACT ME ASAP with your address so I can get all the prizes to the right people.
Here are the following who won something that need to contact me still-
Ryan F.

Also Elissa I emailed you please can you email me back with your address & to let me know you got my message. I believe you had a prize to ship to a winner too.

Thanks again everyone for getting back to me quickly!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Joy Belle Etsy shop fundraiser for the girls

About 1 year ago, a little girls life hung in the balance. No one knew how fragile her life was, sweet Carrington would have to encounter the longest road to recovery from the airport to straight to the hospital as soon as she arrived to her new home in the USA. She needed a lot of care which cost money, so a kind friend took up the cause of little Carrington & created a Necklace just for her which would later help other families to bring home their kids through Reece's Rainbow. Thankfully Carrington has grown & thrived in her new family! Joybelle Jewelry, has been kind enough to do a fundraiser of these 4 necklaces to support Celine & Cora Lynne. $20 of every Necklace goes to the girls grants. Let me tell you the Carrington Necklace is prettier in person than the picture!
Go order here & benefit these girls! Ends March 15th

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP with your address so I can get all the prizes to the right people.
Here are the following who won something that need to contact me still-
Ryan F.
Katrina Morriss

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why you think life is beautiful

After writing my post about why I think all life is beautiful, I have decided i want to write a post with pictures of why you think all life is beautiful whether its your own biological kids, special needs or not, adopted or not, or whatever. If you would like to be included please send me a photo with why you believe every life is beautiful & I will include it in my post.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Every Life is Beautiful

Recently, I have come upon a new movie called October Baby coming out I believe March 2nd. They have launched a campaign in conjunction with the Movie called Every Life is Beautiful with a fund to support local pregnancy centers, adoption agency's, & other adoption organizations & 10% of movie proceeds go to this fund.
After seeing what they have done in their video testimonies on why they believe every life is Beautiful I wanted to share my reason why I believe every life is Beautiful.
Through my sister I have learned that she can do the unexpected. For you see Down Syndrome is not much of an issue in our household as her selective mutism. Life is truly the unexpected with her, the way she can be scared to simply talk to someone she does not know very well. Her dancing has inspired not only myself but others. I never imagined that she would be brave enough to dance on stage twice after 1 failed attempt. I certainly have not been blessed with the talent of dancing but she has been. Born to dance, that's the phrase she loves telling people. I defiantly think it fits cause God put her here for a reason & that dancing is her way of speaking to others. I want to share something, often I hear others say if you have a child with Down Syndrome your life won't be normal. Tell me who is not normal? cause I don't see that in any family so what is normal to someone who might be a slight bit different than us? Just cause someone is in a wheelchair, or has Cerebal Palsy, or Down Syndrome, or some other special needs does not matter we ARE ALL NOT NORMAL. As someone commented on the photo I shared on fb NORMAL IS THE SETTING ON MY DRYER LOL really do I need to explain more? Just wanted to share my point of view, my sister has been one of the greatest blessings of my life & thats why I believe Every Life is Beautiful.

As I said on my facebook page-
My sister has touched my life in so many ways, she is why I believe EVERY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Abortion is NOT THE ONLY OPTION, hundreds of people in the USA WAIT TO ADOPT A CHILD WITH DOWN SYNDROME!! NORMAL WHO IS THAT ANYWAY? We are all created in our own unique ways!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winners & total raised!!!

WOW I am truely amazed at all the LOVE THAT it took for this GIVEAWAY TO BE THE SUCCESS IT WAS. First of all I can't take all the credit, GOD GETS ALL THE GLORY FOR THE MIRACLES HE HAS DONE!!! Next I NEVER COULD HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT MY FAITHFUL SHARERS, & BLOGGERS!!! You all went ALL out to MAKE SURE THE WORD WAS BEING SPREAD & FOR THAT I THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Where did all these prizes come from you ask & how did I manage to get so many prizes?? I did put out a plea through the blog, facebook, facebook groups, but the main majority of the prizes came from etsy shops which not would have been possible had it been not for the dedicated Patricia B. who contacted people during her daily life with her kiddos & not only that made 4 prizes for the Giveaway. GIRL, YOU ROCK!! I also want to THANK SANTA FOR SO KINDLY LEAVING THE AMERICAN GIRL DOLL FOR ME TO FIND 4 YEARS LATER & MY MOM FOR LETTING ME USE IT TO BENEFIT THESE KIDS!!! God had a plan & purpose for that doll just like he does for Celine, Heath, & Masha. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED A PRIZE FOR THE GIVEAWAY ESPECIALLY THE ETSY SHOPS!!! PLEASE REMEMBER TO GO CHECK OUT THE LINKS TO THEIR STORES & GO SUPPORT THEM. Now for the TOTAL RAISED DURING THE GIVEAWAY DRUM ROLL...
Over $2,500!!! I kinda lost track of the amounts but heres what was raised per child:
The winner of the random sharer drawing of the $20 Target Gift Card I had my sister draw (this was seperate & only for those that shared on fb, blogpost, twitter, & posted the blog button)
& the winner is...
Hansina Mickschl-Congrats I will try to get it to you the next time I see you soon!
Now for the Regular Giveaway, I tried so hard to make it fair as kept drawing the same entry numbers for the same people.
The winner of the American Girl Emily doll is...
Sue from WI!! sue-you also won the custom owl hat!
the following is a list of names & what they won:
Rebekah Massmann-Down Syndrome Awareness bookmark
Debbie Marks-Interchangeable flower hat
Stephanie K-Mary Kay set #2
Tanya-Celine Hairclip #1 (hairclips were chosen in order from top) & Slouchy Hat
Christina Scott-Pendant #5 (also chosen in order from top) & Longing book
Randi M-Celine Hairclip #3
Michelle Z-Pendant #1 & Ava Keychain Wallet
Cara- Mary Kay set #1 & Miraculously My Own Adoption print
Patricia B-Valentine soap & Looks like mr T toddler shirt
Jean C-Matthew 3:5 bible verse Resin Necklace
Elissa-Celine Hairclip #2 & When Hearts Conjoin book
Julie F-Pendant #4 & Adoption waiting china necklace
Jenny P-Lyubov (Love in Russian) Pendant & Pendant #6
Jennifer-Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet #1
Sarah B-Anpanman-ish infant bodysuit & Joshua 24:15 in Amharic canvas
Ryan F-Handmade Scarf & Personalized cute baby onesie necklace
Mandy-Custom tutu & Handmade earrings
Kim-shells & bath set
Katrina- Pendant #2 & Pendant #3
Elaina L-When Hearts Conjoin book & Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet
Shawna H-Sumo wrestler infant bodysuit
DONORS PLEASE ALSO CONTACT ME SO I CAN TOUCH BASE WITH YOU & PUT YOU IN TOUCH WITH THE WINNER(S) OF YOUR PRIZE(S). I want to say HUGE THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE WHO DONATED $100 OR MORE TO CELINE AND/OR HEATH!! Your generousity helped BIG TIME!!! Please stay tune for a fundraiser for Brandi on RR in April!! Please remember to check out the fundraising page for the latest fundraisers for the girls, right now we have scentsy party through the end of February to benefit Celine & will have a etsy seller selling to benefit the girls soon. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO TAKE DOWN ALL LOST GET FOUND BUTTONS SO PEOPLE WON'T THINK ITS STILL GOING!! I am leaving the donation box for Heath on here for now. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT FOR MY CONTINUING EFFORTS! Edited to add Lost Get Found link incase you want to see what your prizes look like.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Okay so I made some changes to have some fun these last 8 hrs!! This Giveaway is going WILD WITH ANOTHER DEAL & OPPORTUNITY TO BENEFIT SWEET MASHA!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight PT!

Lost Get Found Giveaway ends tomorrow at Midnight PT & winners will be announced Feb 9th. So my experiemental challenge yesterday was way too much to ask but good news is I still want to benefit Masha so if you make a donation of $5 (or more)to her & come back here to leave a comment on the Lost Get Found Giveaway you get 2 entries. Lets help Masha find a family & get her grant to $1,000! Masha, Celine, & Heath ask that you please spread the word about the Giveaway so that they have hope in finding families!!! We have raised over $2,500 for Heath & Celine so far since the Giveaway has started now lets provide a miracle for Masha too!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lost Girls challenge-TODAY ONLY!!!

Back in December ABC World News aired the Cox family story, they showed a institution & the world fell in love with a little girl named Masha. Andrea Roberts, founder of Reece's Rainbow worked hard on getting her listed so that she can have a loving family & funds for her adoption. I thought for sure she would be snatched up very quickly, but so far no family has stepped forward to adopt precious Masha. Sweet Girl has $278 in her grant fund, less than $1,000 just like Heath did when we 1st started the Lost Get Found Giveaway. For you see both Celine & Masha need families & need to be found! I have seen Miracles happen before so lets make it happen! If Celines grant reaches $10,000 by the end of today I will add Masha to benefit the last 2 days of the Giveaway & add ANOTHER DEAL ONLY TO BENEFIT MASHA ONLY!! LETS HELP THESE 2 LOST GIRLS GET FOUND!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A brief thanks!

I just wanted to thank you all!! I had a pretty good birthday but it was even better to see Celines grant grow today as thats the next best gift I could get from her finding a family! Although she did not find her family today I am still happy as she has about $100 more than she would have had! Keep sharing the Giveaway so that another lost girl can benefit! Only 3 days left til the Giveaway ends! I might switch things up but for now wanted to say Thanks!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


In honor of my 20TH birthday wish, I want to see their grants grow & benefit those that have entered so TODAY (FEBRUARY 4TH) $20 GETS YOU 20 ENTRIES!! I am turning 20 so its $20 for 20. I could ask for no greater gift & who would not want more entries to win??
So go donate to Celine and/or Heath (Donations can be split between both of them)

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Birthday buddy Quinton!

Fall 2010 I fell in love with a little boy on Reece's Rainbow, his name is Quinton. We shared one thing in common-the same Birthday which was part of the reason I chose to sign up to be his christmas warrior that year but then he quickly found a family the day the Angel Tree started. His eyes spoke to me, his picture saying who will rescue me? He was the 1st kid on Reece's Rainbow I decided to advocate for & fundraise for, when his family committed to him I was unsure if I could help raise funds needed to help with his adoption. When "our" Birthdays rolled around last year, I was turning 19 while you were still waiting for your family on your 1st Birthday I decided instead of just having a party for me why not do a party for "us"? Several friends came over & we had a party that I always will remember, instead of gifts I asked for donations for your adoption which now will always be a special birthday tradition til all orphans have families. We also did a change drive which brought in the end about $200 from all my friends & family. On top of that I also did the JBF sale to raise funds, which did well. In june we did some yard sales which in the end brought about $200 for your adoption. I still can't believe everytime I look at your pictures that you are now home with your loving family. Buddy, I so wish I could have been there today to celebrate your special "1st" with your family Birthday Party/baby dedication but since I can't I am sending you warm hugs & I hope to meet you real soon. Miller family, thanks for making my wish of him finding a family come true! Quinton, I have a special something for you once this girl can figure out which box it is in. Love you my sweet boy & thanks for starting me on this Journey of advocating for the lost & lonely orphans in this world! I will be celebrating on this side of the US thinking of you partying with your family & friends, remembering what love did to bring you home where you belong! Love you baby boy! Happy 2nd Birthday from "Auntie Leah" in CA!
Quinton happy with his new life!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scentsy Fundraiser

All Month long Bianca Olivier is hosting a Scentsy Party with the proceeds going to Celine! So go check out some scentsy, would make a great valentines present for that special someone, birthday gift, etc!
Go support Saving Celine Its a perfect title name for the Party!