Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why We think Every Life is Beautiful Pt 1

Whether you have special needs, or are adopted, or just plain ole you EVERY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Heres the replies of my most recent post Every Life is Beautiful.
This is John-John as we call him he is now 21 years old. CP, Autistic, and has 1/2 a brain He is my cousins son He is special to all of us and has so much love for all of us-Tammy R

my little starfish is very special and beautiful! Jan

''this is why, I think life is beautiful''♥ Mariah

"I think life is beautiful because we get to glorify God and live on a mission for Him everyday♥. And on that mission, He blesses us in many ways, in my case, many brothers." Genesis

This is Kole, who will soon join his forever family!

I did not get much response, if you want to be included in pt 2 email me a picture & why you think every life is beautiful to Need an example? go to the highlighted link above.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Leah! I've been so busy...forgot about this. I will try to remember when I get on the actual computer...haven't figured out how to do pictures or share from this iPad...I can share some things, but have difficulty with other items :-p Praise God for your desire to be a GREAT warrior for the kids!!