Sunday, February 26, 2012


I was having one of those funky days the other day, with all that's going on with Celines country, between the 2 fundraisers that were going kinda bad, & just plain ole being sad both girls don't have families & why have they not been chosen. But I should know by now to trust in God right? I am so happy the Necklace fundraiser has had 3 sales which is better than none! I don't know if their has been any other scentsy sales other than my order but you know what? I will trust in the one cause he always provides! Everything happens in his time! I failed to get done a post about Heath, but I feel the need to do a post about several older children specifically involving 2 newly listed teens that are about to age out. I did not think the title would go along with it but you know it actually does.
Meet Duncan, 15 years old & all he wants is to feel loved:
Duncan very much wants a family. He is smart and works hard. He gets along well with others. Duncan struggles with facing the future here in his native country. He knows that unless a miracle happens and he gets adopted (or a family commits and gets USCIS approval) in the next few months, he is going to be sent to a mental institution, even though mentally, he has no issues. Duncan appears to have CP, and he is small for his age (about the size of a 13 year old). Duncan's medical information is en route from the orphanage now, but the family who met him and who he approached to ask for a family and the facilitator want to go ahead and get his information and picture out there.
Duncan is a compassionate teen and one who says he "fears even to hope for a family, because he doesn't think anyone would want him because he isn't handsome". In fact, when it was time to pose for this picture, Duncan worried that someone would see it and then not want him. NEEDS A FAMILY ASAP BEFORE HE TURNS 16!
Can you see why someone could not love this boy? He's afraid of rejection sadly.

How can anyone reject him? Sadly, people have as with another family who said their daughters referral got seen by 500 families before they adopted her. I mean really?

Meet Samuel also needs a family ASAP before he turns 16:

Sam's disability is very minor- he has malformed fingers on both hands that appear to be due to banding of some sort. Otherwise, he is healthy. Sam's faith in God is very important to him and he would like a family who also worships God, who will encourage his gifts in soccer, and who will tell him "I love you" and listen to him as he talks.
Rejected simply cause he has malformed fingers. That's a special need so minor but to another country that means he needs to spend his days in a orphanage. And while not all orphanages are bad, its nothing compared to the love of a family.

How many orphans are rejected by their extra chromosome, cerebal palsy, or other special needs? What about simply being rejected by your gender? Sadly that happens in China where Boys are highly favored cause of their 2 child law. Why do people overlook the boys? surely they are as good as girls right?
Heath is a ten year old boy with Down Syndrome. He is tiny in stature. His feet hardly reach the edge of his shared wheelchair. Because of his age, he has already been transferred from the stimulating environment of his baby house to a dull and underfunded mental institute for boys ages 6-18. He is no longer the youngest boy in his group, but he is certainly among the smallest.

Who shall reject my smiling face simply cause of my age? I know raising a teenager much less one with Special Needs is challenging but if not you than what will happen to my smile? I can bring so much JOY IN YOUR LIFE! Bernadette NEEDS A FAMILY ASAP BY HER 16TH BIRTHDAY!!

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Adopt, Advocate, Donate, & PRAY!! Are you one of these kids mommy or daddy?? Go for it, older kids can change your life too! They deserve LOVE & TO BE ACCEPTED NOT REJECTED!!!

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