Sunday, February 12, 2012

Every Life is Beautiful

Recently, I have come upon a new movie called October Baby coming out I believe March 2nd. They have launched a campaign in conjunction with the Movie called Every Life is Beautiful with a fund to support local pregnancy centers, adoption agency's, & other adoption organizations & 10% of movie proceeds go to this fund.
After seeing what they have done in their video testimonies on why they believe every life is Beautiful I wanted to share my reason why I believe every life is Beautiful.
Through my sister I have learned that she can do the unexpected. For you see Down Syndrome is not much of an issue in our household as her selective mutism. Life is truly the unexpected with her, the way she can be scared to simply talk to someone she does not know very well. Her dancing has inspired not only myself but others. I never imagined that she would be brave enough to dance on stage twice after 1 failed attempt. I certainly have not been blessed with the talent of dancing but she has been. Born to dance, that's the phrase she loves telling people. I defiantly think it fits cause God put her here for a reason & that dancing is her way of speaking to others. I want to share something, often I hear others say if you have a child with Down Syndrome your life won't be normal. Tell me who is not normal? cause I don't see that in any family so what is normal to someone who might be a slight bit different than us? Just cause someone is in a wheelchair, or has Cerebal Palsy, or Down Syndrome, or some other special needs does not matter we ARE ALL NOT NORMAL. As someone commented on the photo I shared on fb NORMAL IS THE SETTING ON MY DRYER LOL really do I need to explain more? Just wanted to share my point of view, my sister has been one of the greatest blessings of my life & thats why I believe Every Life is Beautiful.

As I said on my facebook page-
My sister has touched my life in so many ways, she is why I believe EVERY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Abortion is NOT THE ONLY OPTION, hundreds of people in the USA WAIT TO ADOPT A CHILD WITH DOWN SYNDROME!! NORMAL WHO IS THAT ANYWAY? We are all created in our own unique ways!


Katrina said...

Beautiful post Leah. And you sister is beautiful.

Carlene's soon to be momma :)

Krista said...

Great post!

Leah said...

thanks Katrina! I so wish you all could see her dancing in person. Going to try to get the videos of her on youtube soon.

Leah said...