Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winners & total raised!!!

WOW I am truely amazed at all the LOVE THAT it took for this GIVEAWAY TO BE THE SUCCESS IT WAS. First of all I can't take all the credit, GOD GETS ALL THE GLORY FOR THE MIRACLES HE HAS DONE!!! Next I NEVER COULD HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT MY FAITHFUL SHARERS, & BLOGGERS!!! You all went ALL out to MAKE SURE THE WORD WAS BEING SPREAD & FOR THAT I THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Where did all these prizes come from you ask & how did I manage to get so many prizes?? I did put out a plea through the blog, facebook, facebook groups, but the main majority of the prizes came from etsy shops which not would have been possible had it been not for the dedicated Patricia B. who contacted people during her daily life with her kiddos & not only that made 4 prizes for the Giveaway. GIRL, YOU ROCK!! I also want to THANK SANTA FOR SO KINDLY LEAVING THE AMERICAN GIRL DOLL FOR ME TO FIND 4 YEARS LATER & MY MOM FOR LETTING ME USE IT TO BENEFIT THESE KIDS!!! God had a plan & purpose for that doll just like he does for Celine, Heath, & Masha. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED A PRIZE FOR THE GIVEAWAY ESPECIALLY THE ETSY SHOPS!!! PLEASE REMEMBER TO GO CHECK OUT THE LINKS TO THEIR STORES & GO SUPPORT THEM. Now for the TOTAL RAISED DURING THE GIVEAWAY DRUM ROLL...
Over $2,500!!! I kinda lost track of the amounts but heres what was raised per child:
The winner of the random sharer drawing of the $20 Target Gift Card I had my sister draw (this was seperate & only for those that shared on fb, blogpost, twitter, & posted the blog button)
& the winner is...
Hansina Mickschl-Congrats I will try to get it to you the next time I see you soon!
Now for the Regular Giveaway, I tried so hard to make it fair as kept drawing the same entry numbers for the same people.
The winner of the American Girl Emily doll is...
Sue from WI!! sue-you also won the custom owl hat!
the following is a list of names & what they won:
Rebekah Massmann-Down Syndrome Awareness bookmark
Debbie Marks-Interchangeable flower hat
Stephanie K-Mary Kay set #2
Tanya-Celine Hairclip #1 (hairclips were chosen in order from top) & Slouchy Hat
Christina Scott-Pendant #5 (also chosen in order from top) & Longing book
Randi M-Celine Hairclip #3
Michelle Z-Pendant #1 & Ava Keychain Wallet
Cara- Mary Kay set #1 & Miraculously My Own Adoption print
Patricia B-Valentine soap & Looks like mr T toddler shirt
Jean C-Matthew 3:5 bible verse Resin Necklace
Elissa-Celine Hairclip #2 & When Hearts Conjoin book
Julie F-Pendant #4 & Adoption waiting china necklace
Jenny P-Lyubov (Love in Russian) Pendant & Pendant #6
Jennifer-Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet #1
Sarah B-Anpanman-ish infant bodysuit & Joshua 24:15 in Amharic canvas
Ryan F-Handmade Scarf & Personalized cute baby onesie necklace
Mandy-Custom tutu & Handmade earrings
Kim-shells & bath set
Katrina- Pendant #2 & Pendant #3
Elaina L-When Hearts Conjoin book & Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet
Shawna H-Sumo wrestler infant bodysuit
DONORS PLEASE ALSO CONTACT ME SO I CAN TOUCH BASE WITH YOU & PUT YOU IN TOUCH WITH THE WINNER(S) OF YOUR PRIZE(S). I want to say HUGE THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE WHO DONATED $100 OR MORE TO CELINE AND/OR HEATH!! Your generousity helped BIG TIME!!! Please stay tune for a fundraiser for Brandi on RR in April!! Please remember to check out the fundraising page for the latest fundraisers for the girls, right now we have scentsy party through the end of February to benefit Celine & will have a etsy seller selling to benefit the girls soon. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO TAKE DOWN ALL LOST GET FOUND BUTTONS SO PEOPLE WON'T THINK ITS STILL GOING!! I am leaving the donation box for Heath on here for now. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT FOR MY CONTINUING EFFORTS! Edited to add Lost Get Found link incase you want to see what your prizes look like.


Julia said...

You have done well my young friend!! Thank you for loving on Heath! Thank you for yelling for Celine and Cora Lynne. I can't wait for the day when families step up to get those two girls. I am going to be cheering my head off because it was YOUR VOICE that was heard!

cara said...

What a blessing that you are doing this for these precious children!!!!

Leah said...

thanks my dear friend, your words has taught me the truth about the institutions & continuing to inspire me. I will be jumping up & down when that happens but I will be doing the same for you when Hanson, Spencer, & Brent find families.

Leah said...

thanks cara, I never could have done it without all the support!