Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Need help!!

Why I know its certainly been quiet around here & I am pretty sure not many are reading I am asking for help! You all were so helpful when I have done my Giveaways but now its my season to help 2 friends who have graciously supported my fundraisers & a family who is in my local area about to go rescue their son. First up is my friend Christina. I got her hooked into the Reeces Rainbow world LOL. She, like advocates for so many & tries hard to fundraise for others in the midst of her own life. Right now she is working on a Giveaway for our friend Christine who is adopting Vinnie. Let me tell you right now I wish I can help everyone but my blog is not huge & right now these 2 friends are going to be the main ones I feel lead to help right now. You don't know how hard it is not to donate to every orphan or family or post for that matter but I am only a young adult with 1 job right now & I really need to save for later down the road (like if its Gods plan for me to adopt or if I want to save some for Celines or Cora Lynnes family or start my own non-profit or go to Ukraine and/or Russia or whatever) It starts Friday but she would love some more prizes so if you have something please leave your email address (comment will not be posted) & I will put you in touch with her. Stay tuned for my dear friend Julias Giveaway which starts Friday as well to benefit loads of orphans including "our" Heath & families in the process of adopting!

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Anonymous said...

I really wish I had something to donate, but I got nothin'...I'd love to support everyone, too, Leah. :) I'm thankful that we donate to the child of the month; at least that's something! It's hard when your husband pays the bills, but then again, I'd probably give all our money away if I paid the bills. :) I'll share the link though & try to advocate! :)