Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I will have none of that Satan!!

During the past 3 days Satan has defiantally tried to run me down emotionally & physically. One of the reasons I was a bit down Saturday night, with my fundraising efforts being slow & depressed about the JBF sale with new changes & not having alot to sell which benefits Celine & the whole deal of Celine not having a family, not heard anything regarding her country reopening, feeling bad cause I chose to be a Guardian Angel Warrior for a little girl named Brandi who I have yet to do anything for. I setup a facebook page cause I was getting overwhelmed whether to have another blog for her or what cause I thought that would be able to spread the word to people on there that don't read blogs. Frankly its been rather quiet here that I did not know if I wanted to blog or not & why put myself through the hassle? I WILL TELL YOU WHY!! THEIR LIVES MATTER & IF NOT ME THAN WHO? I went to church Sunday feeling refreshed & renewed, then Satan attacked yet again but "Satan Satan, Go away never come Back again"! Thankfully I keep praying & hoping for the girls & several other of "my kids of my heart" to find families! God always triumphs over Evil!! After that Joybelle etsy shop sold 1 more necklace which means only 1 more sale til the Girls each get $100! Please check it out on the fundraising tab above as it ends in 2 days!! Than a friend is buying 2 items from me, 1 of which benefits Celine Praise God! Hey it may be $5 but every little bit helps! I have also decided to change the name of my blog, Caring for Celine & Cora Lynne started off mainly for them but now I think its time to reflect the other kids I have previously helped & hope to advocate more in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Okey dokey!! I will try to be better at posting after I read your blogs :)

Rochelle :)