Sunday, March 18, 2012

Introducing the Butterflies

For those that are new to this blog, I am going to introduce the reason of the blog name change & the butterflies I mostly advocate for & Pray for. When I first started this blog it was started for the most beautiful girl with a smile as big as the moon then later added another which Caring for Celine & Cora Lynne was born in 2010. Not too long ago I was thinking of redoing my blog when I decided I needed a new name to fit my new mission, to advocate for more than just Celine & Cora Lynne so it so fittingly changed to fit the blog revamp & new name. I thought about butterflies & what they mean to orphans. All the orphans I have featured on my blog past & future are just like butterflies sitting in their cocoons waiting to sprout their wings & fly. They likely lay down in cribs all day just waiting for someone to hold & love them. Like a butterfly they long to spread their wings to fly. So with out further ado here's the butterflies that I love & keep advocating for...
First up is Celine, her smile is what caught my heart. If I was older & married I would snatch her up in a heartbeat but since I can't I have done what I can to help by advocating, fundraising, & praying just like the rest of the butterflies. BEST NEWS IS SINCE I STARTED ADVOCATING FOR HER IN JUST THE PAST 2 YEARS HER GRANT HAS GROWN FROM ABOUT $1,000 TO OVER $8,000 IN HER GRANT. Her region is more expensive so every little bit adds up BIG TIME!!!
I hope she can fly her wings soon cause I know the potential she can be in a family!!

Our next butterfly is Cora Lynne. When she was added late into the Angel Tree 2010 campaign something about her eyes haunted me to help by becoming her Christmas warrior. I later decided I could not let her down by abandoning her so I decided to fund raise & advocate for her too. In a little more than a year her grant grew from $1,000 to over $4,000. I try to keep it balanced between these 2 girls with fundraising.

And yes, even if he is a boy he too is like a butterfly waiting for his wings to be spread wide open. Meet Heath, I fell for him through my friend Julia's blog posts about the lost boys as she met him while adopting her son Aaron. I had occasionally thought about him but God stirred my heart to help yet another lost & lonely orphan when I decided to do my 2ND Giveaway on this blog. I was not sure if I could do it but I so longed to help him be all that he could be with a family so I emailed Julia & told her about my thoughts to help him & as it turns out she had been thinking of him that day. So God stirred my heart & during that Giveaway Heaths grant grew from $630 to over $3,000. Now his grant is currently over $4,000 thankfully & is still growing with the help of the Mulligan Stew Giveaway.

So I signed up to be a prayer warrior for Alden, sadly he has no information & can't have a grant fund but still I wanted to pray continuously for a boy who needed a family.

Finally, Brandi a girl I loved when she was first listed on Reece's Rainbow. Sadly she had to get taken down due to her countrys new law with a special needs list which her needs were not on & she was under the age limit. I had not really been thinking about her much til my birthday last month while talking with a friend. The next day (I am NOT KIDDING!) she was relisted as she is almost to the age where even though her needs are not on the list she can be adopted. So I took it as a sign naturally I was suppose to help if God stirred in my heart to think & pray for her on my birthday. Reece's Rainbow started this program called Guardian Angels to raise awareness & funds for the "Other Angels" who have various special needs such as Cerebal Palsy which Brandi has. So since I have not really advocated for the kids without Down Syndrome & that sign God showed before me so I signed up to be her Guardian Angel Warrior. So far her grant started at $0, then I felt called to donate so it would no longer be that amount so I put in $5 & someone else donated that same amount so currently her Grant is $10. Please take a moment to go like Beautiful Brandi right now I am trying to get 100 likes & will be giving away a Hairbow when we reach that many likes! Also have a change drive going for her on that page. So feel free to collect change & add it up to put in her Grant!

I hope to fundraise for these beautiful butterflies more in the future & pray their families will find them so they can thrive! Please pray for Alden & Celines region to reopen so that they can have the best chances at finding families! Pray Alden will get more information so he can have his own grant or that a family will be brave to step forward without it. Pray Cora Lynne has not been transferred I have a feeling that she might be to a far worse place & that she might be in "laying" room. Her picture is not the greatest but I pray a family will see past that. Brandi I also pray she has not been transferred as I know the place she would go to.

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