Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Precious eyes

See her precious eyes? Glaring at you, wondering where is her Mommy? Frown looking like when will I see my family?

She looks healthy so why has she not been snatched up so fast? Because she has HIV. It's amazing how far medicine has come since the 80s - and how NORMAL of a life these children (and their forever families) can have because of the medicine. Project Hopeful, HIV to Home, Positively Orphaned - all great organizations that have valuable information for people considering HIV+ adoption.
Mommy & Daddy will you not come for me??
Lauren is such a doll & would make a great addition to a family! I have an friend who will be there in a couple months adopting her son & said she will do her best to get an updated picture & more information about Lauren. I have a support network of friends who have fallen in love with Lauren & want to help her find a family. http://reecesrainbow.org/lauren-2
Contact Andrea at Reeces Rainbow if your interested in Lauren. If you can't adopt at this time consider donating so that her forever family can bring her home! I have a donation box to the right that goes directly to her grant.

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