Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stuck|Reeces Rainbow

Stuck in a world without the Love of a family,

Trapped in a world I might lose my life,

Understanding why was my freedom taken away?

Care is what I wish my country could show me.


Praying & hoping someone will show me Love

When will my wish upon a star come true? 

You want to know what it was like for me? I died not knowing the love a family can bring but across the ocean I was LOVED.
Wellness for my health I might never get
Because you denied me that chance,

Even if you think it might be better I die unloved, 

That's where you are wrong.
Laughter, is the best Medicine

Over doses of Hugs can bring a smile to your face

Vacations with family, I will miss

Extra love for what more could you ask for?

October 20th & 21st we are praying for these precious lives & all Impacted by the adoption ban. I'm trying to get a person in every state praying so please if you can signup here with your name, state, & in () put your time zone your praying. PLEASE keep these children in your prayers along with the families who had met their child. 

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