Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet my new little butterfly

Back in December 2010, a little girl waited & was a part of the Angel Tree Campaign. Her name, Carmen, this precious girl still needed to meet her Angel Tree Goal of $1,000 & was nearly at the bottom with zero to little funds. I put the need out there & that was one of the gifts that made me cry that year. My younger sister donated $15 to help this precious girl as a gift to me. When santa decided to gift us kids each $5 to send to a child in need I helped Pink Princess pick Carmen & if I remember right I picked her too.
I have thought about her every so often & then I saw her face, told myself I need to advocate for her!
She is in the same region as Cora Lynne & CAN BE ADOPTED WITH HER! I don't know what it is with the girls starting with C catching my eyes & heart but I have not seen her being advocated for so its time to step up! Her grant is already $2,316.50.
A lovely little girl whom I am sure would make a great daughter! Their region is pretty easy to adopt from, they just need parents to take that LEAP OF FAITH for them! All the other kids we picked for our Santa presents to go to are home I believe besides Celine, Carmen, & Cora Lynne! Help them to find their forever families!!!
                                Could you not see these two as sisters?

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