Saturday, July 28, 2012

A possible opportunity

I have a chance to go on a trip with an adoptive family to Eastern Europe pretty soon & all I would need to cover is a passport, visa, & any extra costs that might come up. Well, I know this is not about a family adopting nor advocating for orphans this would be a great opportunity for me to experience another culture outside of the USA. I have yet to make my final decision about going but I want to go ahead to work on a passport whether I go on this opportunity or a future one. It would be nice to have a passport no matter when/where I go. For me to get a passport its going to cost around $165 & if I go I will need to pay about $420 or so for a visa to start. I'm trusting God that if he wants me to go he will make a way for me to go. I'm trying all my might to figure out ways to come up with the passport cost. I HATE asking for funds & I am not pressuring anyone to donate but I have setup a chipin to go to my personal paypal account for Passport cost whether or not I go on this particular opportunity or sometime in the future. I do ask if you decide to donate a minimum of $5 incase of paypal fees. I have been longing & dreaming to go to some other country for some time now. Please continue to pray that God will make it pretty clear that I need to go. Money is a huge obstacle but I trust in God!

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