Thursday, July 5, 2012

The family of bears portrait

The little girl bear in the pink dress
This picture I have mentioned, is the one which makes me cry every single time. Who do you you think it reminds me of?
Well for starters this bear reminds me of
Celine, almost 7 years old has waited her whole life for a family. 7 months their stockings have hung in my room with prayer notes wishing Celine & Cora Lynne would find their forever families. 
For the past 2 years I have done all thats humanly possible to fundraise for them. I pray for them every single night & have put them on the church prayer request list countless of times. I try several times to spread the word about them cause you just never know who might find them.
Yet why do they still wait? I certainly don't know, but God does. His timing is perfect. 
Cora Lynne also in a pink shirt or dress reminds me of that little bear. She has waited 6 years too long!
Next we have the bear in blue, who everytime reminds me of precious 11 year old Heath. Not until January when I launched my Lost Get Found Giveaway did I fully notice this guy & then when I did I decided to add him to my ever growing butterfly "family". I had noticed him before but something pulled at my heart strings after that Giveaway & never left. Ever since I have not stopped praying for him. 
Lastly we have my prayer warrior, almost 7 year old Alden. I really don't know too much about him other than he was born in October 2005 which is the same as Celine & is in the same region as her. Yet I keep praying for more medical information & a new photo cause I don't know how current his are. God lead me to Alden after I asked to be a prayer warrior to an older boy & I am certainly glad I got chosen to be his because it makes me be aware of the ones with no information or a grant availability.

As for the 2 ladies all dressed up? I think of the mommies that could be to either of these kids. All ready for a picnic & having their kids play together. I picture the day of a reunion maybe not this side of earth although I do hope that could happen where all those kids are sitting together at a Reece's Rainbow Reunion.
That's my dream to meet each of the kids above & many more to come. Will you help my dream come true?

Help me have more moments like these!

Go to Reeces Rainbow to find out more information to adopt Heath, Celine, Cora Lynne, or Alden! Or if you can't adopt them maybe you will find your own treasure under the Rainbow! Pray, Adopt, Advocate! Can't adopt right now? Then go donate some spare change so they can find their forever families!


Anonymous said...

Love this blog, Leah...very sweet :-) Would you please PM your address to me, so I can bring the money I owe you...thanks!


Leah said...

thanks Rochelle!

Leah said...
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