Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful for Sarah

Today I am thankful for my sister Sarah.
Since her 24th birthday is this Thursday heres 24 Reasons I am thankful for her/what I like about her:
1.That she was born. Over 20 years ago people with Down Syndrome & other special needs were institutionalized right here in the USA & not accepted into society. Thankfully that has improved here but sadly other countries still feel the same way. I also am glad she was born because now sadly nearly 90% of babies with the prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome are aborted.
2.I love her dancing! That girl sure loves to Dance, if you met her or saw the videos you would know she was born to dance!
3.Her passion of disney, she loves playing disney trivia & knows everything their is to know about disney movies! I Love how she loves to sing along & knows all the words to most disney songs. If you play her at Disney Trivia know you will be beat!
4.Loves hats! Man I think she has a hat to wear for every single day of the year!
5.That she looks forward to her Birthday every year! don't we all do? She still says oh my birthday is 6 months away (etc) & tells lots of people that.
6.Her funny Jokes & things she says in her notes to communicate with us.
7.I love how she likes to sing loudly when we are away & come home to her singing.
8.That she is herself & does not care what others think
9.She has accomplished so much in her life, & very proud of her! Through dancing, "acting"/participating in plays, & much more! I will never forget her dancing to I can only Imagine at church. She also did it at the Step up for Down Syndrome walk.
10.Thankful that she lead me to be a part of such great organizations, Camp Barnabas & Reeces Rainbow.
11.That nothing stops her from living her dreams.
12.The dances she & stephanie (my younger sister) come up with are amazing!
13.She was blessed to be born without any health issues that usually come with Down Syndrome such as heart deffects.
14.She adores kids/babies as much as I do! She makes them laugh or giggle unlike anyone else. Her smile keeps babies happy.
15.Her fashion, can be pretty interesting somedays (in a good way!) when she is coming up with her own outfit.
16.Very independent! She has come so far in the past 6 years we have lived here.
17.She shines for Jesus every sunday morning dancing & everytime she dances!
18.Our sisterhood, even though we mostly got along when we were younger & had a closer relationship I am thankful to have an extra special sister. I love you Sarah, & so glad God made us sisters!
19.That she knows how much God loves her & has accepted him as her Lord & savior!
20.No matter, she continues to watch all her and/or stephanies play dvds over & over.
21.Even if she is an adult, she always says she is still has a kid like heart (or something to that likes, I can't remember all what she has said)
22.She loves watching ice skating & reccently enjoyed watching Disney on Ice show which is her annual birthday gift from grandma. This time, all my siblings & Mom had a conflict so it was her idea that she invited me. She thinks I should go back with her & I agree as its been awhile since my sister & I did something together she enjoys.
23.Absoulutely likes to play scrabble! Thats about the only game besides disney trivia that you can get her to play.
24.She matters & makes a difference!!! What else is their to say about that? God gave her an extra chromosome & built her the way he created her to be! We may have our struggles but I would not change her for anything in the world! Is it hard? yes at times but we all are people & all make challenges so she really is about normal as we are.
Happy Birthday Princess Sarah!! Know I love you very much & I am so glad we are sisters! Keep dancing like no ones watching! Love, Leah

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