Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Inspiration

The Inspiration who lead me to advocate & now 5-6 kids have come home or about to come home because of this Precious Little girl named Sofia!

Her adoption has inspired many & for that I am greatful to the Sanchez family!
For you see one day when I was on my moms facebook & one of her friends, Amy M. kept posting about Sofia & I kept getting on cause I wanted to follow their journey to her, after following their blog I knew I had to help the kids on Reeces Rainbow. Sofia keep inspiring as if it not been for you I might not have gotten so involved with fundraising for these girls! Is she not adorable or what? Everytime I have met her she has been so sweet.


Jennifer Varanini sanchez said...

We are in awe of you Leah and your dedication to the Reece's rainbow community! Thank you for being called to action! Bless you!!!!

Leah said...

aww thanks!

Sarah said...

Aww! Love her! It's soo amazing how just one child can change our hearts and spur us into the world of advocating that we will never be able to leave. "Once our eyes are open we can not pretend we don't know what to do!!"