Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1 year ago

1 year ago today, I found out the best news any warrior will hear. I never imagined to hear these words just a few days after signing up as his christmas warrior & the day the angel tree started I saw these words:
Today a year ago I had found out that Quinton had a family. I never could have imagined the friendship Carol & I would have sending her emails.
This is what started it all,
Hi. My name is Carol Miller and my husband and I have recently begun paperwork to pursue Quinton's adoption. I was so excited and overwhelmed to the point of tears when I read your post. We are head over heels in love with this little guy and feel called to make him a part of our family. We cannot express our gratitude enough. We have seen God work in ways this past week that we have never experienced before. Please please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone involved in your fundraisers. If there is an address I could send a card to, I would love that. If you'd rather stay anonymous, that's fine too. You will always mean more to us than you know because your efforts helped us bring our baby home!

God bless you,
Carol and Brian

Before, the boy I loved who could not be mine, orphan waiting for a family to love him & care for him

After has been home since July! Loveable little boy, happy with his parents!

I am so happy that he is home & I hope this year the girls might be too! Please keep praying for them to find families!

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