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Adoption story: Mcmillin Family

This is story thats near & dear to my heart as Jan is a sweet friend from church & her daughter is in my class at church. Their story began back in 2005, when God told them to adopt:
After a long week at work, we have tickets for a Christmas concert with Mercy Me and Steven Curtis Chapman...While waiting at the stoplight, we debate about going...should we go home or go to the concert? We decide we should go to the concert and little did we know at that concert our lives would be CHANGED FOREVER! We heard a great concert and in addition, we learned of the many orphans waiting for a family to love them. I clearly heard the voice of God calling us to care for one of his children halfway around the world in China. And so began the reason for our journey. Little did they know the long journey they were to embark upon & that God knew he planned who their daughter would be. They thought the process would be about a year but little did they know God had a purpose for their 4 year wait. November 2006:
A year ago we announced to family and friends that we were going to adopt from China. Now, a year later, we expected to have a photo of our daughter to share this Christmas, but we are still in line. I know God has the child chosen for us, I am at peace about the wait. I know Leilani is waiting too. Here's looking forward to 2007 and the year that will change our lives forever.
& yet more waiting continued as they went through the process of adopting their daughter who would be named Leilani.
March 2007:
Well, this is our one year LID-iversary. Did we think we would be here a year later without our little Leilani? Not on your life! How much longer before we meet Leilani? That is the question. The answer: while no one really knows, the estimate is about another 10 months or so….that puts us about January 2008 for our referral. The good news: we are past the halfway point on our journey. Referrals for April are almost here; we will hope for a speed-up and prepare for the rest of the journey. Next year on our LID-iversary, I believe we will be celebrating with our Leilani! In the meantime, we are one day closer to our babies!
Several months still went by. December 2007:
I began to think about this adoption as a journey a long time ago, but I remembered one of our vacations that is an analogy of this journey to our daughter. We wanted to see the green sand beach in Hawaii, but the only way to get there, according to the travel book, was a short 20 minute walk along the ocean to the beach. We brought my parents with us and they decided to stay by the car rather than take the walk. We began the walk with great excitement and anticipation, after all, green sand is very unique, only on this one beach in all of Hawaii. After about 10 minutes of walking against the gale force winds that buffet the shore, we were less excited and getting a little impatient. We really wanted to see the beach, so on we went. After about 30 minutes of walking, we still could not see the beach, we thought, it is just over that next hill and we kept walking. After about 45 minutes of walking, we got really mad at the travel book, how could it lie to us about the actual walking time???? Still no beach. About an hour into the walk, we saw the beach in the distance. We hurried toward the beautiful green beach. It was beyond our expectations, totally green sand and the lovely blue water. As we walked back, the wind against our backs, we made much better time and before we knew it, we were back to where we started, my parents waiting for us. Like this adoption journey, we are blown back by the wind, we struggle with our expectations and yet, in the end, our magnificent children wait for us, like little gems sparkling in the sun.
Yet they still ever so paitentally waited, March 2008:
We have officially been logged in for 2 years. We probably have another 8-12 months to wait. Will the wait be worth it? ABSOLUTELY and without hesitation! I have learned a lot about myself during this journey. I have not always been the most patient person when it comes to waiting for gratification. I do like instant gratification, but who doesn’t? But anything worth having is worth waiting for…and Leilani is worth every second we have to wait. I keep thinking it must be close t the time she will be born, when we get our referral, we will see. Until then, we live our lives and we anticipate the arrival of our gift from God.
Finally the moment they had been waiting for to recieve their refferal of their daughter!
October 2009:
We got the call at 952 AM, We have a daughter, born on 6/16/08, currently in Fengxin SWI. Her name is Feng Xin Zhu which means strong pervasive fragrance and bamboo. We will get updated pictures and information tomorrow. We are very excited.

Then heres her at 14 months:

November 22,2009 they met Leilani for the 1st time

As you can see she was scared of the unknown, who were these strangers anyway?
This was what they wrote:
Well. this is the first time I have had a chance to update with new information. We are officially Leilani's parents! We received her last night at about 5 pm. Let me tell you, everything we imagined came true. She screamed and cried loudly for about a half hour, then we made her a bottle and she grabbed the remote for the TV and it has been peaceful since. She does LOVE the TV (Daddy's girl) and seemed to really enjoy the blow-up beach ball, she even knew how to kick a ball. She found the stacking cups all by herself and made music (sort-of) with them. She is throwing left handed at the moment, we will have to wait and see if that keep up. We ordered pizza in, so she had to join in and have some crust.
She slept like a log last night except for an occasional single cry and immediately back to sleep. This girl does not complain about a wet diaper! No poop yet, but they say that's to be expected. She giggles wildly and loves the fruit puffs, but she wants to feed herself. This morning, we had to wake her up to get ready for the morning-long paperwork. For breakfast, she had watermelon, dumplings, rice and scrambled egg. She wasn't fond of yogurt or congee.
She ran around the waiting room entertaining all in the room. She has quite the spicy personality, but we believe the worst is behind us. I carried her in the carrier most of the morning without much complaint from her. We are trying to equally share the caretaking and sometimes like putting on shoes, it takes both of us. We are tired (of course), but she is doing very well (for less than 24 hours with us) and we are grateful for that. We have a very nice travel group and everyone is helpful and willing to share.
She is a precious little thing and we are grateful to God for his wonderful gift!
Family of 3!

January 2010:
Last New Years, we had 25 days ahead of us before we would get a referral. We thought we would have a summer referral and even that seemed like a long time, but it tuned out to be a fall referral. Everything really worked out beautifully in His time. Leilani was worth the wait and she's the perfect child for us. It is hard to believe we have been home a month already! Leilani has settled in and she has claimed it as her home! She has learned to climb up and down the stairs and close doors. She knows the schedule for the day, running to the bathtub for her evening soak. She likes to dip her face in the bubbles and make a bubble goatee. She loves to climb in the laundry basket and watch the Wiggles. She is so fun, a real little character and we are blessed to have her in our lives.
Leilani's baby dedication January 17,2010:

Now here she is almost 2 years later & striving!

What if they had given up even with the long wait of the refferal? Well, I know for sure I would have missed out on getting to know the sweetest girl whos huge grin & hugs I look forward to every sunday! Jan, I am so glad I followed along with your adoption & that I am blessed to have Leilani in my class! Most of all, I am glad to call you my friend.

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