Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Angel Tree 2011

Hey Look who now has $30 more to the start of the angel tree! The goal as Cora Lynnes christmas warrior is to raise $1,000. So we have $970 left to go! You can donate to her via the donation box that says Cora Lynne on the top right of this blog or via check. Any donation of $35 or more gets a ornament of her so please make sure you mention you want one. I am issuing a $5 challenge on Facebook here to help raise some funds for her so feel free to join us if on facebook. Even $5 makes a difference! Local friends-I will have a christmas wrapping day (or week if someone wants me to wrap a gift but can't make it)& a Crazy for Christmas Cookie & food kitchen as well to raise funds for Cora Lynne. I have no online fundraising planned as I want to give those who donated to the Giveaway a break plus I have nothing in mind, so a auction/giveaway will be possibly in the near future. I might change up & do another change drive for Cora Lynne or I might try to make some handmade crafts to sell on etsy so look for that coming soon!

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