Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Journey with the Mickschl family & Mackenzie known as "Lydiah" on RR

So to get an idea of how I came upon the journey of Mackenzie ("Lydiah"), I thought to come up with some timelines/important dates I found out things.
Lets start with January 18, 2011 when I get this email from Hansina:
Thank you Leah for responding so quickly! Okay.....we have not been telling people this, but we are thinking of adopting again from RR. I am NOT a good fund raiser and I was hoping maybe you had some ideas. I think how you advocate for the children is amazing! God is going to bless your socks off for what you do, Leah!
If you have any ideas, they are welcome! Keep doing the great job you are!
then another email on January 29, 2011:
Okay, Leah, we have committed to Lydiah! She is on the My Family Found Me page on RR. We saw her when we were there and fell in love. It's a big step of faith for us, but we are believing the Lord will provide. I just wanted to share with you!
Through the emails back & forth I knew I had formed a great friendship with Hansina. The 1st time I met them was at their chickfila fundraiser, to see my picture go back to this post-
I so enjoyed that day finally getting to meet another RR child I had thought about & getting to know Hansina. That formed my friendship & passion to help them bring home Lydiah. So I held several yard sales to raise money for you to come home Mackenzie!
June 25, 2011- your parents met you for the 1st time (well 2nd if you count when they adopted your brother John David)
Tomorrow is your court date where they will determine your adoption. I am praying for you Makenzie & am so anxious to hold you in my arms! "big sister" Leah is so glad to see you enjoying the blanket I made & the cinderella doll! I am so happy the blanket makes such a good peekaboo game & chew toy!


Hansina said...

Very nice post! You are a great friend!

Leah said...

thanks Hansina! You are too!