Sunday, July 31, 2011

Greatful Heart Giveaway

To thank all my wonderful reader friends, I am doing a giveaway. Its not a very exciting prize but I have this book with stories from our local Down Syndrome group with stories from Parents, Grandparents, & ME the only sibling! Thats right, I have my story published. Now this is from a few years ago so not quite complete but my mom & I both hope to have our own book someday. My dad also wrote something in the book. You get the book, & if you want I will sign my name next to the page of the book I wrote!

How do you enter? all you have to do is the following:
1. Just leave a comment saying you are a follower of my blog, if your not become one or if you don't have blogger just say how much you enjoy reading along.
2. This is not required, but I am Celines warrior. She will turn 6 in October & I would hate to see her get transfered to an institution! Again don't feel presured to give, this is just one anxious girl trying to find her a family. Plus its very hard for them to find families the older they get.
I will draw a name on August 12th & contact the winner then! Edited to add the 5/5/5 campaign has ended but still feel free to donate to Celines grant. Sadly, she did not meet the 5/5/5 goal but she still has a decent size grant! Help Celine find her forever family!


Rochelle said...

I need to get my Paypal back in order! I tried to donate last week, but was unsuccessful! Bless you in your work for Celine and Cora Lynne!

Leah said...

Thanks Rochelle! Thats okay I will make sure you are still included.