Friday, July 15, 2011

Forever Family Friday

Today I have decided, to write about a little girl. A girl with a HUGE grin you could not resist, a girl longing & waiting for a chance to find her family.
She just loves to read, don't we all love a good book? Well, I am sure all who like to read fairytales love happy endings right? This little girl has not had her fairytale ending in her "book" yet. This precious child of God will be 6 yrs old in October, for alot of 6 yr olds thats a celebration of going off to 1st grade, playing & discovering new things but for this sweet girl their will be no playing on playgrounds, no going to 1st grade, & many other things.
Precious time is running thin for this girl, she is FACING IMMINENT INSTITUTIONALIZATION! NO 6 YEAR OLD NEEDS TO BE PUT INTO A ADULT INSTITUTION! Heres another factor, once they turn 6 chances of them finding families a sadly dimmer as most don't think they can handle a older child. I really don't want that to happen to Celine! So I am commiting to help fundraise & find her family by the end of October! Please help me find my family!


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oh honey her face is just a dream isnt it! did you miss the linkup? would it be easier if i had it running a litle longer to make up for time differences? xxx

Leah said...

no I saw it, whatever you think is fine with me. I won't have access to a computer next friday so if you want to do it longer than thats great.