Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Overwhelmed with Joy!

I was going to wait to post til tomorrows giveaway post but then as I looked at Facebook I saw this Joyus announcement:
Big news, Reece's Rainbow! Board of Directors has voted! Effective September 1, 2011all older children will be able to carry their grants as they grow (until they turn 10), instead of being combined in a general older child fund. Individual Paypal buttons to be posted for donations over the course of this next week, please be patient!
I just started crying. Why? Because I had been burdened since Celine is turning 6 in a month & felt like I need to focus my efforts on her first since she only had til January with her already large grant. Although I am still going to focus on her, it feels so nice to have that burden be lifted that I only had a few more months before she lost that grant & I can include both Girls now into my efforts. So though I am still doing it for Celine, I have decided to set a goal for Cora Lynne to be added into the Giveaway as well. So look forward to my post later tonight!

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