Sunday, August 21, 2011

Help needed!

I hate to ask but would you mind spreading the word? I am trying to collect more donations but its hard to do when I have such few followers & my friends can only do so much. The more people know about the girls, the better the chance at them finding families & more funds to be raised for them both!
Thanks to the following people who have already offered up prizes! I could have not set this up without your help!
SarahsTreasureBox etsy store
OllieFaithDesigns etsy store
Stephanie Lynch
Okay edited to add since my mom gave me a hard time, Starbucks mug & gift card which is a combined effort between us. So thanks to Mom for the Mug!


Stephanie said...

I am not sure I got your address or not...can you give it to me again??


stephanie Lynch

Leah said...


Leah said...

sent you a message via Reeces Rainbow group with address.