Sunday, August 14, 2011

An Update on the change campaign

Wow, I just got back my 1st batch of change for Celine & now we are up to $36.16 raised! I have 11 other friends who have joined me in my quest, some doing their own jars, some spreading the word, & some praying!
Like I said in my post yesterday, I THANK EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING MY EFFORTS!!! Celine is LOVED BY SO MANY!! Without the donations of prizes for the giveaway, donations to her grant, prayers, & encouragement I could never have started this blog or for that matter continue to do so!! Celines Shoot for the Stars Giveaway is going to Rock! If we get her to a full grant before the end of the month I might consider adding Cora Lynne & a family adopting through Reeces Rainbow. (I know who, but I am not going to say)
So please read my posts below & if you have something to donate let me know soon!

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