Tuesday, August 9, 2011

See the light

Somedays I wonder when I will see the light. Celine has been waiting since last fall. With the recent 5/5/5 campaign her grant is at $5,227.80 & continues to grow. I have tried to do fundraisers but with no job its hard to do. She has not been transfered but I want her to find a family before that can happen. I know that if she does not find her forever family soon her grant will go to the older girls fund & their is a risk of her not getting that grant. I wait & wonder when it will happen, when you show up on the my family found me page. Someday I wonder if it will ever happen. God has a plan for Celine, but somedays I just have to wonder.


Rochelle said...

I wish I could just fly over there and get her!

Leah said...

Me too!