Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Future Fundraisers

Stay tuned I will have 1 fundraiser for these girls coming up March 24-26th! I have decided that I will host a fundraiser for the Miller family adopting Quinton here sometime in february in honor of Quintons 1st birthday & my birthday both feb 4th. Please pray I can get my "prize" done in time to do the fundraiser! My brother & friend have offered to help me with it. I may offer other special prizes as well. I will also be hoping to do a yard sale sometime in march or april for the girls as well. If the yard sale is sucessful I might consider donating some of the proceeds to the older girls fund as well! I hope to be able to do that but will need to clean our family garage. Not sure how much I will have to sell so once I have a date if any of you or someone you know might have something for me let me know. thanks!


travcat said...

Good luck! I am following!


Leah said...


Sara said...

I would like to donate something to raise money for Celine, not sure what yet. I am praying everyday for her to be adopted. Thanks for being her warrior.

Leah said...

Its my pleasure sara! I have a friend, who is helping me in my efforts & she is in love with Celine like i am. Thanks, just let me know so I can include it in the giveaway!