Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My darling Celine

Am I pretty?

                                     Do I wonder when my family will come?
                                    I long to blow you kisses & Play peek-a-boo

                                            Can't you see how smart I am?

                     Smiling cause, this is my chance for hope & Love
                                                 Yes even I have my moods!

Bubbles make me happier!

I get older to but still I am still worth it!

Can you help me find my family at the end of the Rainbow?
Please go to Celine's profile on Reece's Rainbow to learn more about her!

To my darling Celine, my heart yearns for you to have someone to love & treasure you for who you are. You have waited 6 long years & I have known about you for 2 years. Beautiful describes you so well. I keep working so hard for you & yet no family has come yet. Several have said they wished you could be theirs but sadly you can't be. When the day comes that I hear those words..My Family Found me I will be crying tears of joy. For now the fight continues on to find you a family, Celines Shooting Stars is hoping by Christmas or that you will be fully funded. I sure hope either or both of those can come true! Everytime I think of you & blow kisses towards your ornament I have with your picture on it saying I love you I can't stop thinking will I ever get the chance to meet the girl behind the picture? Then when I look at the portrait hanging in my room of the teddy bears all dressed up sitting down for tea, I see you everytime in that bear with the pink dress. 
I see you playing in the play house with C everytime we go to Sams Club & it makes me sad every single time. I don't know why I keep picturing you with her, maybe you will live nearby to her, maybe I just think you resemble her somewhat, or who knows but sometimes I just want to cry. I so long for you to have a family & wish it could be myself if I was older & married sigh. I know that day will come, just wish it could be my family in some way.
Even if your family is not in CA or closeby I sure hope to be a part of your life & be Auntie Leah to you. Love you sweet girl so much more than you ever will know! XOXOX


Michelle Fargen said...

I love love love love your love love love for Celine!!! Her Family has to find her by Christmas or a lot lot sooner. How much sense does it make that these countries have such strict rules for adoptions yet don't hold themselves to the same standards while caring for these children? BIG prayers for Celine!

Rochelle said...

I know how you feel, Leah! Her picture on the fridge always reminds me to keep praying for her & not to forget her...she and Sarah could be such good sisters, but that hasn't been revealed to me, so I will keep praying for someone else to go and get her! I love your heart for her, and the other kids, too :D

Hugs! <3