Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gods Amazing ways & to Never Give Up!

As I write this with tears still in my eyes, I know I wrote about this some in my previous post but today I want to share a message with you all. 
See this little boy here? His name is Ian.
He has a family doing everything they possibly can to cross the ocean for him. They have met him on their 1st trip to his country & are just waiting for a court date before they cross the Ocean to bring him home. Meet his family who adores him to pieces & can't wait for him to come home! They blog here
So what's this have to do with God's amazing ways? Not too long ago I was unsure of what to do in my advocating. I was still struggling of getting back into it & the devil using fear of my heart breaking all over again after the Russia adoption ban. While I watched from the background God was using the hardwork this mom whom I have never met to break my heart for what breaks his heart. I started chatting with this mom after purchasing this shirt to help benefit their adoption.
And I don't know why but God prompted me to signup to become their family warrior. Meanwhile He was planning to use his Glory for Good. He was working in the hearts of an anonymous friend to say yes to his calling by helping this family bring home this precious boy across the ocean even though they never had met this family just like me they knew they could not turn away. This anonymous friend has left me at a loss for words to describe what has happened today & though I can only share so much I want to thank this friend again. 

Thing is their have been countless times I have wanted to give up cause I think no one cares, hears, or sees what I have been posting. I know I'm not alone either, many advocates & adoptive families have said this over & over again. But let me tell you something YOU JUST NEVER KNOW HOW A FACEBOOK POST, SHARE, BLOGPOST, AUCTION, ETC can TOUCH someones heart & how God might be working on them right now! SO TODAY I'M HERE TO SHARE MY TESTIMONY TO NEVER GIVE UP!!!
These past few weeks I have seen amazing ways God works in peoples hearts & I am still praying this is only the beginning of this beautiful story that I can't even share entirely on here.
Right now I'm a bit occupied with my Brothers fundraising for his mission trip which I will be posting about very soon but I want to share the Kirk family still is in need of quite a bit before they can qualify as fully funded! They are waiting on some stuff before they can get their court date so Please just put their family in your prayers. I don't have much to offer but I still want to share their need so if you even just have $5 to spare or if you can uplift them in prayer, or just sharing their need every little bit helps & you just never know whose heart might be moved.
Again, if you feel moved to donate to their adoption please do so here
& if you want to leave a message of encouragement for their family feel free to do so in the comments! Cause IT MATTERS TO THIS ONE!!!

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