Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pressing Onwards

Last week was truly emotional with the good & the bad of this crazy world of advocating for orphans. I was just emotionally exhausted from it all crying tears of Joy seeing this boy become fully funded & joining his new mama.

 & some of sadness (see here & here). I thought could this week become more emotional? Yes, it did my sweet Brandi lost her committed family due to her city currently closed to adoptions because of all that's going on in her country. It just sickens me to a core that one certain guy does not care & I'm still praying he will have a change of heart or be kicked out of office. 
I was desperately wondering why? what now? Why do I keep advocating & falling for precious girls then to be heartbroken? Yet, he used a friend to yet again remind me that the faces I saw at the Reunion despite the pain & the devil wanting me back in the dark hole I was at after the Russia adoption ban, was worth it still & keep going. 

I'm pressing onwards taking one step at a time to help families bring home more precious lives like the ones I met.
You remember Maria another girl I advocated for who was one of the ones I chose to get Celines Grant? Well, she has a family who still is not funded & needs help!
On this Sunday would you consider skipping a $5 starbucks or that after church lunch for Maria? To donate please visit their link here
Would you also care to send a few dollars to the Chellson family? They are in country & short $1,000. Please help them too!
Pray I will be able to let go & trust God's plan, lastly another post that truly helped me with what emotions I have gone through 
It's not easy this roller coaster ride I have been on, but yet I do it again for these in heartbeat.
And of course my buddy Quinton,

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