Friday, April 3, 2015

A beautiful soul

A Beautiful soul, lost her battle to Cancer on Thursday morning. I have known many people who have lost their battle to the dreadful C word, & I know others who have beaten that word. But never did I have the honor of knowing such a kindred spirit such as Elizabeth.

Though I never had the pleasure of knowing her in person, I was blessed to know her in this wonderful adoption advocate community. Like my friends who lost their battle to Cancer, Elizabeth never stopped fighting. On days when she did not feel well she was wanting to distract herself so thus the "DeHority Distraction" was born donating her beautiful socks knit with love to help orphans with special needs come home to their forever families. Many have come home because of her Distractions & she wasn't just an advocate. 
She was a Mom to her children, & a wife to her Husband but yet she went beyond & became a friend to soo many people. 

Her legacy will live on & continue to inspire others just like she has for me. Elizabeth, I know I never really chatted with you much online but know you are another of the ones who have encouraged me on days when I have wanted to Give up whether it was a personal struggle or advocating for orphans. Your determination to keep going no matter the pain you were in is inspiring. I will keep fighting for orphans just like you & help to continue your legacy.
So what best way to honor such a beautiful soul than a Distraction? 
You may know about our Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes Giveaway to help bring Emma Grace home to her forever family. I have a new prize to add, what's a princess to do on a beautiful day outside? Why have a Picnic of course!
Can I get some distractions today to help Emma Grace come home?
Lastly a beautiful new girl was listed on an advocating site in Elizabeth's honor would you mind dropping even just $5 into her grant?

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Stephanie said...

I was not aware about Elizabeth....such a loss.