Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Gift of love

The gift of love is such a precious gift on this Christmas eve,
4 Years ago, we all were tight on funds so we as a family decided acts of service/time spent together would be our gifts to each other. And I was perfectly okay with that.
Both my Mom & Brother participated in helping gift wrap to spread the awareness of Reece's Rainbow. And my other brother gave me his change

The week of Christmas we went grocery shopping like we always did but I didn't understand why we were getting all the groceries & yet I knew we couldn't afford it. Then when I saw the gifts underneath the tree I was still wondering. 
It was when we opened gifts my dad handed out cards telling what he appreciated about each of us & that a group of people had chosen to bless us with Christmas gifts. 
That Christmas, was the one I will always remember not because it was about gifts but because it was about the gift of Love.
Over the years I have gotten several gifts of love this was what I got this year from a complete stranger who so kindly offered up her bag of goodies she got from the When Calls the Heart heartie reunion which I didn't get to attend. 
Like I said Love is a precious gift, one I don't take for granted. I'm so thankful for the Love of family God has blessed me with. 
Their are so many kids out there that don't have the gift of love.
Do you have room in your heart to give the gift of love?
Do you have a extra spot at your table so next Christmas I'm celebrating with you?
If you can't adopt do you have even $5 to spare to help whoever can adopt me?
Give the Gift of Love this Christmas by helping support these kids on the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign! Because all they really want for Christmas is a family.
To donate to any of these kids go here & look for their picture or donate to another child

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