Tuesday, April 25, 2017

To be Cherished, belong, & beloved

What does it mean to be cherished?
1.To protect & care for (someone) lovingly
2. Hold (something) dear

That's what comes up on Google when I searched it. 

Do you have something or someone you cherish? You know that ratty blanket you have had since the day you were born that you constantly slept with? Or that well loved stuffed animal you love?

For me One of my Cherished items from my childhood is my doll, Samantha. 

She was my doll the one I pretended to play adventures with a friend from Dance class, the one I took with me on many trips, the one that was my favorite. 
Anyway, it came to my heart that like my doll Samantha who I dearly cherished, it represents orphans as well. 

For you see, orphans don't have items of their own like I have my beloved Samantha doll. They share everything clothes, shoes, toys, & caregivers. Yes, nothing wrong with sharing but still is nice to have something that belongs just to you.
Like Samantha, they long to be loved & cherished in a family.

For Mary, she is a cherished & beloved daughter who just doesn't know it yet.
Her Mom is having faith that God will bring Mary home.

And I'm having Faith that we can help ease the cost of bringing Mary home.
Love wins always! To donate go here http://reecesrainbow.org/117343/sponsornalle-2

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