Sunday, November 28, 2010

Praise God! Angel tree update

1) YAY, EVERY child now has at least one donation.

2) We still have several children waiting for Christmas Warriors. skovie36@...

3) Only 33 days left!!!!

4) Several of the children have recvd BIG grant donations this weekend, so please take a look at those and consider whether now is a good time to adopt! We are doing everything possible to eliminate the barrier to adopting! A few to look at would be Myron, Vilis, Garrett, Leeza, Mark, Ilya P, Anya, and many others! We are working on getting their profiles moved to the right spot on the page, but the totals are current right now.

6) We have matched 15 children with families since November 1. Our GOAL is FIFTY! So keep up the good work with your fundraising, and then take those big grants and go find a family for your Christmas child!!

7) Please remind all of your friends who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever.... or who may live in a different country... that they can still make a difference with their donations!!! Even if they don't want/need an ornament, the children are counting on every opportunity.

8) Please help us spread the word throughout CANADA that the majority of these children can be ADOPTED by Canadians as well.

These are some praises I thought you should know!

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