Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fighting for them all!

Since I have seen some harsh real pictures of what the kids face, I keep fighting for them all. Celine has been waiting at least 8 months or more for a family. Thats too long for this pretty girl! I have no idea if she has been transfered yet or not. Cora Lynnes 5th birthday is coming up in May. Please help me so that kids like these pretty girls can find families! In Honor of World Down Syndrome day on Monday I have challenged my friends on facebook to skip starbucks, or something else they love on that day & to instead donate that money to Celine & Cora Lynne! I hope to do a yard sale for the girls & Quinton soon and possibly a handmade blog auction. If your interested in helping these girls let me know! Also the puzzle fundraiser still is going & we still have 483 pieces left PLEASE help me fill this puzzle with names & help BRING QUINTON HOME!

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