Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One of the most exciting times each year!

Dear Quinton, today I am excitedly getting ready for the annual local Just Between Friends Consignment Sale. Its a sale of used/new kids items for moms to purchase & get rid of their stuff.I look forward to the twice a year annual sales to shop for the pregnancy center I volunteer at, myself (they have crafts & other items), & others. I not only shop but sell as well to fundraise for different charities. Friends that have kids give me their stuff to sell so that I can fundraise. Well, happily I report thats what I did for a fundraiser before you found a family! I raised $76 (and change!) for you & another little girl Celine from reeces rainbow last fall & another amount at another sale that was more local. (They have several in the communities around me!) I also am so pleased as a friend, donated her items she was planning on selling just to me for fundraising for you! Its not a huge amount, but all are in exelent shape or new! Every little bit helps bring you home right? I will also be using the sale to fundraise for me to go serve at a christian summer camp for kids & adults with special needs this summer. I really want to host a yard sale for you & my other 2 prayer children in march/april & a giveaway but we will have to see. The puzzle fundraiser continues on very slowly but maybe we will get more pieces filled hopefully soon right? The Puzzle is so Beautiful, & I hope you enjoy it! Change campaign is still going so we will see part of it going into your grant shortly & the rest to come. Well, I better get to working so that you have a good chance of getting the rest of the funds needed to bring you home! I love you Quinton with all my heart & soul, we will meet someday hopefully. Your prayer warrior, birthday buddy,& friend, Leah

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