Sunday, September 25, 2011


We all dream, striving to make those dreams come true. Although dreams don't always come true or the way we want them to we still dream. I wonder if you dream baby girl. I wonder if you dream about the life you want to have, the dream of having a family to love & cherish you for who you are. The dream of being the girl who loves to read, play, & be like any other child living life to the fullest. Dreaming of a whole new world so much different from yours that will give you the best life for you. A dream where, most people with disabilities are told you CAN DO & not you can not do. I dream of a little girl with a whole room of books with a mommy & daddy to love on her & tell her how much Jesus loves her. Will you help both our dreams come true? Spread the word about our blog & about Celine! donate to Celines Shoot For the Stars Giveaway so that her dream of finding a family can come true


Unknown said...

I am just writing a blog post now dear friend! well i am trying...its half seven in the morning here, i havealready been up 2 hours and am writing amongst entertaining 3 under 6! your post is beautiful as is your heart! xxxx

Leah said...

aww thanks Jane!

Unknown said...

to you beautiful leah! I have come over to let you know about the post IT's up...the first sharing sunday post ever at the flight platform!and you feature with your fundraiser for Celine! your heart is so beautiful, i am so honoured to have met you via blogworld!

please please please linkup on the sunday linkup...share your beautiful heart and all your efforts. It would mean the world to me! i will support this fundraiser as soon as I can dear friend (even though i know you cant ship prizes!) xxxxxxxx

here is a link for the sharing sunday post xx