Thursday, September 22, 2011

Giveaway has been extended!!!

Notice on the chipin the end date is different? Because I care for Celine, I extended the Giveaway a whole month in honor of her Birthday. I know some of you are ready to see if you won or not but the point is to bring awareness to her as well so please blog about her, share it on facebook, etc.! If you still want to donate a prize feel free! No better thing I should do than to keep fundraising throughout her Birthday! Her profile has no birthdate but just the month so what better way than to extend it so more people know about her & new donors can contribute if they would like. So pretty please share on your blogs or facebook? My blog really only has 46 followers & the facebook page has 90 likes. I will do anything for both girls! If you would like to donate a prize its not too late! I am always more than willing to add more for incentive goals. I also hope to hold another Giveaway in November/December for Cora Lynne but if that does not happen I will be organizing local fundraisers for her so you could also wait til then.

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