Monday, May 28, 2012

When the going gets tough

Its getting harder & harder to fundraise but no matter what I trust in the one who always provides! The Scrapbooking thing has been a flop but thats okay I will continue on! Going to keep the code up & after this month is over I am going to use some or all the proceeds to who ever God tells me who needs it most! It could be Camp Barnabas next month or could be another Reeces Rainbow family, could be the Pregnancy Center I volunteer at, who knows God take control of this! God used yesterday when I was already discouraged the day before about what more I could do & how the fundraiser was going. Now I am uplifted cause God provided the opportunity to share about Reeces Rainbow with various family members & I got $20 for Cora Lynne so I know I should not discouraged & keep it up when the Going gets tough! I am doing an auction next for Celine on facebook so if you would like to donate please leave a comment with your email I will not post it.

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