Monday, January 14, 2013

Birthday wish

3 weeks from today, I will turn 21 years old. Turning 21 is a special time for most people. For me it's memorable. I am not much into have HUGE parties or whatever. Last year I wanted to keep it low key as much as possible as it was not a huge milestone year like turning 18 or 21 is. This year I decided or rather had a plan laid on my heart to do something way more special than any other Birthday. The path set before me was HUGE, & SCARY but for these girls I would go to the moon & back for.
So the goal set on my heart made perfect sense. I made a goal $21,000 in honor of turning 21 & for the 21st chromosome. I am setting up a event locally which I hope will raise most or all of that amount. I know I am nuts but I know Nothing is Impossible with God! I'm also asking my friends instead of gifts to bring $21 for 21. If each of my friends did that could potentially bring the girls to the amount or halfway there! Stick along for the crazy journey that's about to start I will keep you all updated on my goal! I'm NEVER GOING TO GIVE UP for these girls!!! Here I am stepping out of Faith towards that goal even as things look bleak. My Birthday wish would be for them to find families so please keep praying for their country. I would also love to see their grants higher. I am choosing to not focus on the online community for this Birthday goal but if you still wish to donate I have a blue chipin to the right at the top. Proceeds go straight to Reece's Rainbow & will be split between Celine & Cora Lynne.

Love you both sweet girls with all my heart. Praying for you & your country.

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Rochelle said...

Praying for this to take off, Leah!!