Saturday, January 12, 2013

Look how awesome that is!!

Did you notice a certain girls grant at $29,004.80? To see that number still brings tears of Joy to my eyes! I will mention it a thousand times over that when I first noticed her/started fundraising her grant was only $3,033.00. Look what God has done in almost 3 years!!! AMAZING I TELL YA!!! AGAIN I DON'T TAKE THE CREDIT CAUSE GOD USED MANY PEOPLE WHO LOVE CELINE TO BRING HER TO THAT NUMBER!! 
My tax reciepts from Reeces Rainbow all the way back to 2010 (I could not find all from that year) total:
That's from all the Local fundraising I have done through yard sales, consignment sales, change drives, personal saving, gifts from Birthdays & Christmas,etc.
From online fundraising which I can't entirely track due to people just donating:
$925 on the chipin most of which from Celines Shoot for the Stars Giveaway I did awhile back, $20 from a friend. 
The events I can't guesstimate are:
Lost Get Found Giveaway-$75 for celine at least that's known I know it was way more than that.
Celines auction-i can't remember what was raised.
So total estimate raised from any fundraising is $2,178.20! It may vary some with the numbers I don't know but still it's great!!! I wanted to show these numbers to you to show you I did not do this alone & I don't take credit for the other $26,826.60!
The $500 matching grant in October brought way over $1,000 to her grant between the Giveaway Patti hosted & just donations.
Over $1,000 was raised by another individual. This same person then raised over $2,000 for her grant. 
About $200 was given by another person who dearly loves Celine & her daughter asked for donations instead of Birthday gifts.
For you see it takes a TEAM FOR THIS TO ALL HAPPEN!!! I want to thank all Celines Shooting Stars for making this happen!!!! God most importantly too! YOU ALL ROCK! 

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